Dear Friends,

My Birthday was Magic, and you Made it all Real!


I’ve never felt more joy and excitement than when casting a spell on my 40th birthday 🙂

I wished upon you all and this wondrous world that we may continue to find our way toward light, remain true to who we are and our purpose in life, and always love and be loved in return.

All this magic also raised $1,350 to help more women get their wings and soar high!

Later in the evening the magic continued with our friends at the Giving Circle of Hope Reston who surprised us with a matching gift of $25,000 to launch our programs in Herndon-Reston Area.

WOW! Thank you all.

I cannot be more grateful for everything you bring into the world.

You made me feel very special – young (not 40 for sure ;), loved, a big sister, an empowered woman and above all, a friend.

Your heartfelt notes, warm hugs, generous gifts, the delicious meal and cake, the awe-inspiring soul moving handmade cake, the magic wings, the tiara and the wand – all have entered a very special place in my heart and soul.

In rainy days and the stormy weather of life I will open the doors in my heart where these memories will always have a home of their own. Thank you.

I love you all, and will always do!


With much love and gratitude, onward and upward we go!



You are my inspiration!
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