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Lloyd McCormick is an international development consultant with ChildFund International

LloydMcCormickpic-150x150“Marga Fripp and I worked together in Romania, so I always had a strong admiration and respect for her talents and abilities. I also believe in the focus of EWI’s programs. America is a nation of immigrants. All our families were once new to the country.

Helping those that choose to come to the US and build a productive and meaningful life here helps us all in the long-run. Helping people to help themselves and become strong and productive citizens is something I do in my own work in international development, so there is a strong parallel.

And lastly, I really like the art focus of EWI. I think it is exciting to enrich the cultural diversity of the US and celebrate through art our many different and varied roots.”


Sandra Kerrest, EWI Donor and Home Party Host


“We learned of EWI through our daughter, Juliana, who started volunteering with the organization in September 2009. She spoke with such tremendous enthusiasm and passion about the EWI founder, Marga Fripp, and their mission, which is to help immigrant artists create their art, sustain themselves, and assimilate into the American business/arts landscape, that we became interested.

I was fortunate enough to attend an event where I met some of the artists, heard their stories, and saw their beautiful and unique works of art. I know that EWI is exceedingly careful with its funds and very conservative in its expenditures. Marga is that rare combination of a visionary whose warmth, strength, determination, and lack of ego and arrogance will ensure the continued success of EWI.”


The Mission and Social Concerns Team of Colesville Presbyterian Church in Silver Spring, MD


“The Mission and Social Concerns Team of Colesville Presbyterian Church in Silver Spring, MD, is pleased to support Empowered Women International for several important reasons.

We believe in assisting organizations advocated by our members (in this case, CPC’s Kate Campbell Stevenson); we believe in EWI’s goal to increase its outreach in Montgomery County, MD, where CPC resides; and last, but certainly not least, we believe in EWI’s mission and work to improve the lives of immigrant and refugee women by supporting and promoting their artistic skills and helping them integrate and build small businesses.”


Diana Katz, Founder of the Giving Circle of HOPE, Reston and EWI Advisory Board Member


“EWI came to the Giving Circle of HOPE’s attention in 2005. As a group with a dynamic young leader, EWI wanted to integrate and refugee women into the community, the economy, and civic life. Since these are precisely the kind of values that Giving Circle of HOPE wants to promote, we were thrilled to learn about them. We were blown away by their energy and how well organized they are. We were also inspired by the fact that they accomplish so much with very little funding.

I have attended several of their events, followed some of their artists and purchased art from them. I believe in them so much that for the past three years, my husband and I have become personal donors as well. I hope you too will join in and help them transform women’s lives.”


Jennie M. Forehand, Maryland Sate Senator


“As a long time advocate for the arts and women’s cause, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact the arts has in our lives, in the lives of our children and in our communities.

The women artists of EWI, whom I met, moved me deeply with their accomplishments. Many of them have secured jobs and started up small businesses. Others overcame cultural isolation, self-doubt and depression to join EWI as teaching and presenting artists for young children in schools, women ex-offenders and the community at large.

I commend the vision, efforts and accomplishments of EWI and the women artists. I strongly recommend you to invest in their work and help them continue to have an ongoing and ever-widening benefit for the greater community.”


What Do Our Donors Say About Why They Contribute?
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