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Cordelia GaffarCordelia Gaffar describes her business beautifully: “I help women to build a system of self-nurturing so that they can be of the best service to their bodies, nourishing with wholesome food, energizing with movement, and reframing their perspective with sweet talk.”

When Cordelia was three years old, her mother was diagnosed with renal failure and was on dialysis for 21 years; much longer than the doctors predicted. Cordelia moved home toward the end of her mom’s life to help take care of her. She recalls the shock when her dad passed away a year before her mom. He was the healthy one. He taught her to play tennis when he was 75, and they used to take regular walks together. After a routine surgery, the wrong combination of prescriptions was what ended his life. Throughout these difficult years, Cordelia realized that self-care for herself, and the other people around her parents, was just as important as theirs.

A few years later, after her second child was born, Cordelia experienced postpartum depression and wasn’t able to connect with her newborn son. Recognizing again the need for self-care, she refocused her energy on changing her perspective and routine. Nine months after her son was born, she was transformed. People who knew her well saw that she was no longer depressed, her body was back to pre-pregnancy shape, and she was happier and more energized. They also knew that she was not taking antidepressants, and started asking what her secret was, encouraging her to share it more widely. Over the next five years (and next three pregnancies), Cordelia kept up her self-care practice and kept sharing advice with others when they asked. She started a blog, which was what eventually developed into her first book, Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need.

Cordelia has since expanded on that first book, publishing other guides focused on pregnancy, and tips for self-care during Ramadan. She has a Podcast and Facebook group, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and festivals, in addition to her 1-on-1 coaching and online courses for women. She’s balancing all of this along with another job and raising a family, and notes that in order to maintain everything, she has to “walk the walk” and take her own nurturing advice.

There’s another book brewing in the back of her mind, and in the meantime, Cordelia is excited to be doing more speaking engagements. She tells me that she always thought she was an introvert, but that her confidence has grown so much that now, she’s eagerly seeking out opportunities to share her message with the world.

To other aspiring entrepreneurs, she advises them to “Definitely be patient with yourself. Step outside of your comfort zone, and just be part of another community. Observe the communities that have what you’re looking for, the way of support, the way of successful people, become a part of it. You can’t stay where you are and create something new.”

You can find her online at

A Sense of Self-Care: Cordelia Gaffar on Nurturing Body and Soul
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