Sachie Tani is originally from Japan but has been in the U.S for the past 20 years. Last year she made a big move from Vermont to Virginia. She started her business a year ago but had no business plan. She has a full time job so works on her company on a part time basis.

“Wooden Pencil Company” is the name of her business, which involves nature inspired artwork online. Her company was founded 2 years ago. Her inspiration has been her mum who is also very crafty. Her business is growing and she receives a lot of wholesale orders as well as small orders.

Describe your relationship with EWIsachie tani at work

Sachie was introduced to EWI by a friend who worked with Marga. She took part in the ETS program in 2015 hoping to especially learn how to write a business plan for her business.

What challenges have you faced?

My business was new and I didn’t have any knowledge on how to start it. I wanted to learn about the kind of entity my company was and the legal documents I needed to start my business.

“Having mentors was hard. EWI really came in handy. When you stumble and have a lot of questions, there are mentors
who can help you. EWI has a lot of network.”

How has EWI impacted your life and business?

I made a lot of good friends with like-minded people, and there were great networks and connection opportunities.

In three years what does your business look like? Where do you want to be?

I hope to grow enough so I can focus on my business full time.

What advice would you give to women who are thinking about starting their own business? What kinds of people would you recommend EWI to?

Find a business you are really passionate about and love, and identify the niche or the unique thing about your product.  Women who want to start their own business and get their business together. Empowered Women International helps you to foster your own business and be encouraged.

What would you like to tell a donor or supporter about the importance of EWI’s work?
EWI is doing a wonderful work supporting women who probably won’t get any assistance starting their own business. EWI mentors help women become successful business owners. It is much harder if you’re starting your own business. They are doing a wonderful job for the community as a whole. I really appreciate what they do.

Is there anything else that you would like to add or share about your business or experience with EWI?

They are doing a great job, keep up the good of sachie tani of wooden pencil company

Soaring on the Wings of her Pencil, Sachie Tani
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