Pilar Ortiz is a disciple of the fine arts. She grew up amongst a family of artists, singers, and dreamers. They taught her that the most important things to do in life are to inspire, create, and give back. After receiving a professional degree in the visual arts from Columbia, she pursued another passion of hers, singing. Pilar is deeply in love with her Colombian roots and culture, but she moved to the US with the hopes of bigger and better opportunities for her talents. With her dreams in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, she uprooted her home and traveled to the US to lay down new ones.

Although an immensely talented artist, Pilar did not have any business expertise, nor did she understand how to market and advertise her Colombian inspired art in the American market. Empowered Women International was the conduit that allowed Pilar to cultivate the personal and professional development she sought since moving to the United States. Since graduating from the EWI Entrepreneur Fellowship for Women Program, Pilar’s art has been showcased at many galleries and she has founded the Hispanic Arts Foundation, which seeks to allocate resources for other Hispanic artists to enrich their Spanish artwork and strengthen their foothold in the American art industry.

To give back to Empowered Women International for everything EWI helped her achieve, she is donating 20% of the proceeds of her painting to the EWI scholarship fund. Details of the painting are listed below. .

Warrior Queen

Title: Warrior Queen

Dimensions: 2ft x 1ft & 7.75 in

Mixed Medium on Canvas

Price: $650

Pilar Ortiz: A Creator, an Artist, an Inspiration
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