You may have noticed, earlier this month we officially launched our new website! Ever since, we have been inundated by congratulations and accolades by people who saw the new site as a wonderful compliment to our growing organization’s mission with its beautiful design, compelling photos and updated content.



The idea of updating our website had been hovering in our minds for quite a while. The few attempts we undertook were challenged by a lack of capacity and time. But Eileen Kessler, one of our star mentors in the ETS program who also happens to be president of OmniStudio, helped us envision the real possibility of a new website.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.20.45 PMOmniStudio is firm located in DC that provides graphic design, interactive media and content strategy. Partnering such an awesome company made it easy for us to communicate, coordinate and converge our ideas into one coherent vision, bringing into life the website we had always dreamed about. Eileen and her team also brought invaluable perspective and a fresh take on EWI. They understood us without us having to explain every detail. They just got us, immediately.

We couldn’t have made all of this possible without “The Dream Team” as we called them – Emily Rauch, Elisabeth Harper, and Dillon Powell. Their patience, professionalism and work ethics were unmatched, not to mention their innovative solutions and brilliant work. When two committed and mission-driven agents partner to make a vision into a palpable and solid outcome there’s magic at work and the results are otherworldly.


Eileen Kessler (top left), Emily Rauch (top right), Dillon Powell (bottom left) and Elisabeth Harper (bottom right)



However, our journey was not without its challenges and trials. This was mainly on our side as the reality set in on what we were tasked to do once the design was done. Call us “The Reality Team”. Marga Fripp was the compelling initiator, Mary Louise Marino was the coordinating force and Mariana Alvarado as the technical power behind migrating the content to the new site. Working weekends and evening hours and fading again into weekdays and over again, at times putting aside family life to finish this needy and attention-craving infant project… But one of the greatest gifts of life is seeing that child grow and blossom into a rewarding and exhilarating new creation.


The Epic Scroll

Scrolling wide sections on our home page highlight our model, our programs, our impact and our updates in vibrant color and photos, simple navigation, and clear information.

Our Programs

A new way of understanding our programs through the journey of an entrepreneur in a sweeping epic scroll story format. You must check out Entrepreneur Training for Success, Grow My Business, and Business Development Services !

Join Us

Here is where you can learn how to get involved, make an impact, learn more about volunteering and ways of giving. We want to hear from you!

Take Action

Be inspired to join us onward and upward! Here’s where you can find out about our latest events, endeavors, campaigns, initiatives, and opportunities.

Calendar of Events

Check out EWI’s exciting events, classes and community programs!


The new marketplace and business directory allows you to browse and shop with ease right on our site. Find your favorite entrepreneur and see what her business is all about!



Marga Fripp, President & Chief Visionary

“The new site it’s really a breath of fresh air, and we can’t be more grateful to Omni’s creative team for capturing the spirit of Empowered Women. We have heard only wonderful praise and positive feedback from everyone about our new website! You are an awesome force and an incredible dream team to work with on this!”

Mary Louise Marino, Director of Operations & Outreach

“I remember the daunting feeling when Omni finished their part of the design and then it was up to us to begin transferring the content from the old site to the new site. But there was also a lot of editing and writing and gathering of new photos as well. I had to get my head around what felt like this massive project and team up with Mariana to make it all happen by an unforgiving deadline of February 3rd. Having never done this before I didn’t know how or where to begin. So I began at the beginning, where else could I start? Omni made this entire experience incredibly easy and pleasant. They listened, they explained things in a tangible way, and they designed a beautiful, relevant and functional website for EWI now and for the future.”

Mariana Alvarado, Graphic & Web Design Consultant

“Getting involved in the new EWI website was exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because the prototype I saw was vibrant and beautiful. Overwhelming because of the amount of information I needed to migrate from one site to the other. It was great to get the opportunity to interact with Omni’s incredible web masters and learn from them. I enjoyed laying out the Success Stories and EWI History the most. I learned more about the incredible women EWI works with. At the end I can say it has given me a sense of great accomplishment.”


We wish to first thank OmniStudio and The Dream Team for their extraordinary professionalism and brilliant design! It was such a pleasure working with you. We must also thank our alumni entrepreneurs who grace the pages with your images, stories, impact, and transformed lives. You are the inspiration for what we do and an inspiration to countless other women who dream of better lives and livelihoods. Now they can see the possibilities.

A huge shout out and thank you must go to Mariana Alvarado who became truly empowered in this process! Mariana is a volunteer who went above and beyond to make our website come alive, who became a leader, an equal player, and powerful partner in this process. We are forever grateful for your dedication and amazing work.

Browse our website to discover more about what we do, uncover more untold stories, and join us in this epic adventure.

Our New Website with OmniStudio and The Dream Team!
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