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How Empowered Women International Touched Your Life” was the question we asked our women entrepreneur contestants. Karen Webber Gilat’s powerful essay was the runner up of the contest.  Read Karen’s essay and get ready to be inspired and motivated.  Click here for a complete list of our other winners.

Karen was the recipient of a $300 prize for her winning essay plus a package that includes marketing and promotion of her wonderful work in our social media platforms, as well as in our newsletter and blogposts.

Karen Webber Gilat 


“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” Luciano de Crescenzo

Most of you will craft this essay looking backward, reflecting on your experience. I can only write it forward, as my Empowered Women International entrepreneur class begins mid-March.

As a performance/teaching artist, I employ sung and spoken word, movement and found materials to explore text, pose a question or introduce a theme. Mine is a decidedly collaborative approach. Art becomes conversation. Layering paper and fabric, juxtaposing ideas and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary are familiar territory for me. Whereas, money management, marketing, business plans and navigating social media are foreign terrain. EWI seems to run small embassies in each of these mysterious locales. For this I am most grateful.


The business I will create will allow me to use art to help others embrace possibility. As a cantor in the Jewish faith, I craft rituals to; join lives, celebrate rites of passage and frame moments of extreme joy and sorrow. I mentor typical teens and their special needs peers for the ceremony of Bar and Bat Mitzvah. I work with students and their families to create a meaningful celebration based on our study of Jewish history, liturgy, philosophy and culture.

The business I will create will plumb the connection between art and spirit. I will create performance art pieces to bring into school settings jumping off the idea of taking flight. The imagination knows no bounds when each student feels safe to share her dreams. Flight and fancy fill the workshop where she will assemble puppets from found materials. Art becomes play. Special needs students and their typical peers create and experience their creation side by side. Both of my children have special needs and will someday be part of this troupe that travels on ‘wing and prayer.’

The business I will create will lift the heart and give tiny wings to the soul. A flying lesson: A mama bird teaches her baby to fly by dumping her in the air from great heights. The frantic baby pumps her wings and shortly mama scoops her up. This flight pattern repeats until the time between scoops lengthens and baby is airborne. In learning to fly we gain independence. And with this comes freedom.

EWI helps us find our wings empowering us to lift into the wind. The business I will create will be rooted in community, gratitude and love. A blessing to close: thank you….creative source in the universe….for nurturing and sustaining me, and allowing me to reach this most amazing moment I am eager to soar….and so it begins…..

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Karen Webber Gilat’s Second Place Winning Essay: On a Wing and a Prayer
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