One year ago, Fouzia Bencheikh found herself with a compelling business plan and a daunting mountain of challenges. Her vision and her questions made her a perfect candidate for Grow My Business.

As a first generation American and daughter of immigrants from Algeria and Mexico, she has a unique vision for young people’s potential to offer fresh perspectives on events around the world through storytelling, video, music and art. Having completed EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success, she was in the early stages of launching 21st Century Diplomat – a social impact network for young people around the world to share their personal experiences of current events – but Fouzia lacked support and skills to take the next steps.

“I was absolutely lost on what to do next with my business. There are so many factors to take into account if you want to launch something successful.”

Turning an idea into a reality

She made the commitment to six months of intensive training, peer support, and supportive mentoring through Grow My Business (GMB). As an emerging entrepreneur, Fouzia recognized the inevitable challenges of launching a successful business. She knew she needed direction, but struggled to find it.

GMB offered access to local accomplished professionals who offered her a wealth of business wisdom. The most valuable business training she received during GMB was financial planning. Nonprofit finances seemed intimidating to Fouzia prior to the GMB program. During the course she received specialized instruction and resources which proved invaluable for calming her nerves.

Through GMB, Fouzia met other driven women on a similar journey of entrepreneurship. Every mentor and volunteer involved in the program not only provided her inspiration, but an abundance of professional networks, connections, and guidance  It was the camaraderie with other dedicated and passionate women that made GMB one of the most impactful experiences of Fouzia’s life.

“The program alleviated the anxiety I had about launching and replaced it with a sense of direction and plans for my next steps.” And today, she feels excitement rather than apprehension.

Learn more about 21st Century Diplomat or Connect on Facebook. Connect directly with Fouzia email at 21stcenturydiplomat at gmail dot com.

Interview with Fouzia Bencheikh, founder of 21st Century Diplomat
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