When Hanan Daqqa first heard about EWI, she felt isolated from her community. Recently moved to D.C., Hanan hardly had enough time to get to know the people around her. She was raising five children while her husband worked overseas. In an effort to get to know more people, she signed up for volunteer newsletters and an empowerment group for Muslim women.

It was through the Fairfax Volunteers newsletter, that Hanan learned about the opportunity to volunteer with EWI as a filmmaker. A budding entrepreneur herself, she “could not be more excited to express interest” after learning about the program. After the event, she recalled that the EWI team was incredibly “empowering, supportive, and patient when [she] had technical difficulties as a filmmaker.” She knew she had to be involved with the team after having such a positive experience working with them.


Hanan shadowed an EWI Business Plan Pitch event and was astonished to see how confident, happy, and determined the EWI students were. She realized that EWI was committed to reaching out and helping women become the best version of themselves that they can be. She left the event asking, “How can I be transformed into a confident leader and take control of my own destiny like the women in that class?” Soon after, she applied to EWI Entrepreneur Fellowship for Women Program, and she will attend the program in the fall. As a dedicated and engaged volunteer with EWI, Hanan feels better connected and more established as a filmmaker and is able to get her work out to a wider audience.

Hanan shared her life motto, ” Meditate and take care of yourself first. You will be ready to connect with your true dream and find the right people to guide you through the process after.” She is now no longer isolated and offers the knowledge she gained from EWI to her sisters in the Middle East and helps them face their fears in order to achieve goals they never thought possible.

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Hanan Daqqa: “Becoming a confident leader like EWI sisters”
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