Gloria Valdes is a wanderer, free spirit, and most importantly, a changemaker. As an alumni, she embodies the spirit of EWI by stepping out of the box, taking control/commanding her social and economic futures, and always giving back. A changemaker who loves to give back to her community, Gloria has donated her artwork (full size image on the right) to be used in Empowered Women International’s Spring2ACTion 2015 Campaign. Marga and the entire EWI team of staff and volunteers are incredibly grateful for the beautiful piece that has been the face of the S2A campaign.

Click Here to Visit Her Website
Gloria Valdes Donated This Artwork for Empowered Women International’s Spring2ACTion 2015 Campaign

Diagnosed with dyslexia, hyperactive disorder, and Osteogenesis Imperfecta (a genetic disorder which causes severely weak and brittle bones that break for little or no apparent reason), she was rejected by classmates and misunderstood by her teachers. Her solace was the magic between the paint brush and easel. Gloria is a completely self-taught artist and has spent her lifetime cultivated her own style of art and technique.

Brimming with talent, Gloria just needed the right outlet to market herself without losing her creative edge. Empowered Women International gave her not only the business know-how but also a community of support. The EWI Entrepreneur Fellowship for Women Program taught Gloria how to be a successful businesswoman, but also offered her the one-on-one mentorship she needed to cultivate her own brand and work at her own pace.

Click on the Image to Visit Gloria's Website
Click on the Image to Visit Gloria’s Website

Gloria is always grateful to the EWI team and donors who work so hard to continually update these programs and make them relevant to current market trends, easily accessible for low-income women, and for being so welcoming if every spirit that walks through the door.

A $10 donation could help talented women like Gloria not only turn their dreams into reality, but also find a community that will be their life-long support system.

Be a changemaker. Make a difference. Donate.

Gloria Valdes: The Artist Behind “Where Ideas Come to Life”
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