EWI is delighted to announce the newest empowered women entrepreneurs from the Fall Class of 2013! They first all met at the Meet & Greet in October and continued week after week to transform their visions into reality for themselves and their business. They discovered their niche, tackled financial planning, conducted market research, developed their product or service, pulled together a business plan and prepared their business pitches with great success! We heard their stories, shared in their challenges, and walked with them on their journey to create new livelihoods and pathways. We are so proud and excited for all of them!

Cynthia King Prime Logistics Property Management, LLC

Cynthia’s business seeks to purchase and renovate foreclosed properties in order to fill the gap for high-quality, affordable rental homes in the state of MD.  This will also add value and beautify to communities in transition.

Diana N’Diaye & Mame N’Diaye NDiayedesign/Nyogea Enterprises

Dr. Diana Baird N’Diaye has had concurrent careers as an artist/designer, cultural heritage specialist and curator (currently at the Smithsonian Institution) and entrepreneur for as long as she can remember. Her first design business began as a high school student right in her mother’s dry cleaning business in Brooklyn where she converted a corner of the store into a boutique selling her own bespoke jewelry and clothing designs. Her work as an artist/entrepreneur is inseparable from her experience and worldwide travels as a curator of craft traditions and cultural heritage. Principal of NDiayedesign/Nyogea enterprises Diana Baird N’Diaye manages the design, production, and marketing of her daughter Mame’s line of tee-shirts, art prints and other products as well as her own jewelry and textile arts. Mame N’Diaye is an award winning visionary artist, composer of electronic music. As an entrepreneur she is applying her talents to a line of limited edition silkscreened tee-shirts and other wearables. Working primarily in pen and ink, converted to digital prints, Mame creates complex visual landscapes, fantasy portraits and intricately detailed abstract drawings incorporating original scripts and symbols that evoke ancient and mystical texts and stories. Mame draws her inspiration from her Senegalese and Caribbean heritage as well from her travels to West Africa, Morocco and from her exploration of world mystical healing traditions. Mame is also an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities especially those on the autistic spectrum.


Danielle R. Rash First Class Resumes & Career Services

“EWI has helped me to stay on track and provided me with the tools that I needed to be successful in my business.”

Danielle’s company provides resumes and career documents.  Her inspiration comes from the fact that she provides services to assist job seekers in landing their dream job.


Fadimata Oualet Halatine Saharan Artistry

“This experience at EWI has been helpful in giving me the necessary foundations for a successful business.”

Fadimata makes jewelry and decorations with recycled materials.  Her inspiration comes from the fact that she has been a refugee for more than 20 years and has learned to make the most with what she already has.  As a survivor of two major droughts, she is very environmentally conscious.


Fawn A. Jordan Designer and Manufacturer at Wearable Art Gallery


“EWI has been invaluable not only in giving me the guidance and clarity in setting up my business and writing my plan of action for my business.  EWI has also been invaluable in that I have met and have worked with like-minded business women who all have the same goals and aspirations as my own…taking control of our lives by creating and working independently in our own businesses.  How powerful is that!”

Fawn Jordan designs and manufactures one of a kind art to wear women’s clothing pieces.  Her plan is to sell and market her products at trunk shows from her own show room and on her website.  Her line will be sold under the name The Black Pearl Design Collection on her website wearableArtgallery.com.


Jessica Anteparra Spanish Language Tutoring (SLT)

“EWI helped me to improve my English, my knowledge about marketing, and my self-confidence.”

Jessica Anteparra is an entrepreneur who is interested in expanding her work in Spanish Language Tutoring into a solid business.  She is from Peru and she has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.  Spanish Language Tutoring (SLT) is a teaching program for children, teenagers and adults.  She has private and group classes.  Her father is her inspiration because he is 80 years old and he is working at home.


Kimberly D. Graden Real Financial Freedom

“If it worked for me, I know it can work for others.  EWI has put me in touch with so many people who are willing to help small businesses.”

Kimberly Graden is the founder of Real Financial Freedom.  RFF specializes in helping people manage their money and create a plan to get out of debt completely.  She was inspired to help others once she created a get-out-of-debt plan and became debt.


Lakisha Morris Tiny Explorers Child Development Centers and Consultants

“EWI has created a forum for me to discuss my school and receive feedback from industry professionals, and more importantly my classmates who have great ideas and suggestions.”

Lakisha is co-owner of Tiny Explorers Child Development Centers and Consultants.  Her inspiration is the need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and dual language education opportunities on the early childhood level. 


Macha Takele 3prime World Health Soap

“Now the time has come for the opportunity of opening my dream company.  This is the right time, with the help of EWI, to open the company.”

Macha is a biochemist by profession.  She has contributed a lot for her country in combating communicable diseases by participating in different committees, as a member of task forces for cholera epidemic control and as an expert of environmental pollution control, food safety and as a consultant in consumer protection.  Her chemistry, environmental health and clinical diagnostics background aids her deep interest in breaking the routes of transmission of water-borne and food-borne diseases as a major health problem solver of diseases of third world countries.  Her chemistry background and work experience contribute a lot in producing standardized anti-bacterial and viral soaps which play a great role in the reduction of water-borne and food-borne disease transmission.  The company’s name 3 prime derived from Macha’s three children who use the first soap products to wash their hands and bodies for the sake of hygiene.


Mona McKenzie Capital City Sweets & Treats LLC

 “EWI has connected me with fantastic people and mentors who have encouraged me to excel in my business.  EWI has also connected me with Union Kitchen, a DC commercial kitchen/food incubator, which was key in helping me develop my business.”

 Ms. Mona McKenzie is the founder of Capital City Sweets & Treats LLC, a gluten-free, nut free bakery and confections business.  She was inspired to start her business after her 11 year old son developed a seizure disorder because of gluten sensitivity, but he still wanted sweet treats.  So she dusted off old family comfort food recipes and transformed them into a gluten-free dessert experience.  No Wheat!  Still a Treat!


Myiketta Barlow Tiny Explorers Child Development Centers and Consultants

“EWI has increased my knowledge of what it means to be financially aware to have a successful business.”

Myiketta Barlow is the co-owner of Tiny Explorers Child Development Centers and Consultants.  Her inspiration is the need for stem and dual language educational opportunities at the early childhood levels of learning.


Rutendo Tsokodayi Above and Beyond

“EWI has provided me with the funding for my business training. My mentors have helped me map out the direction I want my business to take and have instilled in me the confidence to move forward with my business.”

Rutendo Tsokodayi is the founder of Above and Beyond cleaning business.  The inspiration of her business comes from wanting the freedom to be her own boss.


 Nuvia Rodriguez and Sandra “Lisa” Cardoza The Cupcake Chix

“EWI has helped me tremendously to know that they are there for me when I need them no matter what the situation, they have demonstrated that no matter what the person may be going through, you will succeed at the end of the day.”  Nuvia Rodriguez’s inspiration comes from her kids and her family.  She knows that she always puts her life on hold for her kids until she said to herself that it’s time to better herself as an individual and decided to go back to school to get her certification. “EWI has given me the opportunity to make this dream come true.” 

Sandra Lisa Cardoza’s business is cupcakes.  She is the founder of Cupcake Chix and her business is going to be focused in the Alexandria area.  Sandra will graduate in the Spring.  Her inspiration is to make this business happen and do what she aspires to do to be successful.


Senovia McLaughlin Exclusive Affairs Event Planning & Management

“EWI has helped me focus and make more deliberate decisions with regard to growing my business.”

Senovia’s great grandmother and mother were the inspiration for her business.


Terisse Perez Visions of Light-Art

“I am indeed grateful for EWI’s support in assisting me with organizing my business, finances, marketing, networking, speaking skills, contacts, and words of encouragement.”

 Terisse Perez is an Alternative Energenic Healing Practitioner, Soul Worker and Sacred Visionary Artist who pours her heart and soul into her work.  Her business, Visions of Light-Art, contains various modalities of healing components.  Whether the universal healing energies are transmitted towards her art pieces or an individual the end results are the same: assisting individuals to heal themselves.


Yasmin Abdi Yasmin Abdi Photography

 “Last night I took my first step and photographed my first wedding.  EWI helped me to take this step.  Thank you Marga and big thanks to the EWI team.”

Yasmin was inspired to start her business in order to be a model for other women to be successful, powerful, and parts of their communities.  After starting with EWI, Yasmin feels confident about what she is doing and believes in herself.


ETS Virginia Class at their Capital One Business Plan Pitch, with EWI staff, mentors, and invited judges.

FALL ETS 2013 VA Biz Pitch

ETS Maryland Class at their Capital One Business Plan Pitch, with EWI staff, mentors, and invited judges.

More in their words:

“I work hard in the field, and opportunity becomes a reality with EWI.  The teachers, the mentors, and all staff at EWI are very kind.  This is the right time for my dreams to become a reality.”

“EWI has helped me to meet other powerful women, graduate students and speakers who are very creative people from all over the world. These women have helped and inspired me in so many different ways, I enjoyed listening to the speakers who come to give us information. I have learned from each and every one of you all. Although I didn’t build my own business, but EWI staff has helped me to put my puzzle together about my goals and my life plan because I  have discovered who I am and I believe in myself. Thank very much for this opportunity.”

 “I am confident that EWI has helped me to stay focused and believe in myself and make my dreams come true. It is a long journey that I intend to follow with confidence.”

“EWI has helped me by providing the framework, expertise, encouragement, and support needed to believe in myself, the importance of my vision, and to create a more comprehensive business plan in which I feel confident will guide me in my business decisions.”


Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

Enrollment is ongoing. We’re currently recruiting women students for the spring semester of the Entrepreneur Training for Success. Classes are held in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland starting in mid April. Scholarships are also available for qualified low-income applicants.

Want to learn more? Check out the ETS page here. You can also contact our office at 571-312-4781 or email Kim Booher, Acting Program Director at kim@ewint.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Featuring the Newest Empowered Women Entrepreneurs!
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