Already thinking about your holiday gift list? Before you head out to shop, take a look at the diverse offerings of the EWI Alumni Businesses. Find a gift that inspires you, your loved one, and an empowered woman!

Meet these entrepreneurs at the Artisan Gifts & Food Marketplace

The Africa Memory Game

Paulette Mpouma

Board Games and Trivia About Africa; Madagascar raffia animals and dolls

Paulette MpoumaI build bridges among communities by teaching more about Africa and participating to many communities events.

Paulette’s creations are available at

Smithsonian Store at the African Museum
Open M-S from 1000 AM to 7:00 PM

Veez Ties That Bind

Velma Crawford

Beautiful handcrafted aprons, made of a collage of high quality fabrics.

Velma Crawford, textile entrepreneur and founder of Veez Ties that Bind
Velma Crawford, textile entrepreneur and founder of Veez Ties that Bind

My aprons are passionate works of art; various styles, fun, functional, and for all occasions. My aprons are “not your typical grandmother’s aprons. I’m a native of Birmingham Alabama, the tenth of twelve children. I’m a U.S. military veteran, served in the U.S. Army Reserve for twenty-four years.

I didn’t truly find my passion in life until unexpected health issues side lined my careers. While enduring sickness and the healing process, I found solace in remembering the time spent with my grandmother, and acting on the priceless gift of sewing she’d weaved in my spirit. My grandmother Mattie Lee Blue was born in the late eighteen hundreds. She was the daughter of a freed slave, she was married for over forty years, one of sixteen siblings, and the mother of sixteen children.

Through unfortunate life events my grandmother lost her seven sons and husband by nineteen forty eight, and was left to raise her daughters on her own. With all the misfortune in her life, she continued to muster the strength and cultivated love to pour into her children and her children’s children. She was the rock, the corner stone and firm foundation for our family. She never faltered or failed. Five years ago with the help, guidance, teaching and mentoring of the awesome women of Empowered Women International, I learned to turn my gift/passion into a business. In return I dedicate it and honor my grandmother through the creation of Veez Ties That Bind.

Meet Velma at the Artisan Gifts & Food Marketplace

Bahari Deco Crafts

Mariam Mohamed

I design and make Fashion and home accessories using Kanga and Kitenge clothes mainly from Tanzania (East Africa).

meet mariam mohamed video thumbnailExpect quality Yoga mat bags, Tote bags, wristlets, backpack, decorative cushion covers and intricate Kitenge bracelets with optional matching earrings ” This business is a call for me to talk about the legacy of the Kanga cloth with it’s connection to the Swahili culture. As I have already starting to work with seamstress groups in Tanzania, benefits from sales from this venture goes beyond the American borders to benefits many families in Tanzania and their stories can benefits unpredictable many people around the world.

Meet Mariam at the Artisan Gifts & Food Marketplace

Mariam’s bags are available at:

Things from Egypt and Beyond shop, 11am to 7pm daily
7002 Carroll Ave. Takoma Park, MD 20912
near the Takoma Clock Tower
Twitter @BDCKanga

Damsel in Defense

Eldean Penn

damsel in distresThe Damsel in Defense mission is to equip, empower & educate women to protect themselves with our safe and sassy personal protection products. When you see the statistics where one in five women are survivors of rape. I am that “one” in five. I am very passionate about sharing the mission and knowing that one by one, we are not only helping to change the statistics but also offering empowerment and healing to those affected by assault.

Our products and services can be purchased online at
Contact Eldean to arrange a home party
(301) 887-3377

The Butterfly Babe

Sarah Folts

Hello! I sell unique ethically sourced butterfly and insect art which includes: necklaces, earrings, frames and other displays and ornaments.

butterfly babeEvery Specimen is collected after living a full life. Purchasing from sanctuaries ensures that none of our specimens are net-caught or killed for profit on an “farm” and have lived a full life while promoting ecological awareness. Help Preserve Nature and the Environment!

My name is Sarah Folts. I started collecting butterflies at the age of 14, after becoming a double amputee on both my feet. Nature became my world as I cloaked myself in it to remove myself from the negative thoughts, sadness and pain I felt after enduring such a tragedy. I began making jewelry with the insects I collected as a hobby. But when I received such positive feedback from friends and family a door opened and “”TheButterflyBabe”” began. I spent hours researching better techniques for preserving butterflies, Learning how to pin, mount, resin, and many other techniques I use today. From such darkness I have found so much positivity and light.

Contact Sarah for custom orders on my Etsy shop or Email


Native Spirit

Suzanne Morgan

Native Spirit by Suzanne offers beautiful hand crafted jewelry from different American Indian Tribes from the southwest.

native spirit by susanneSuzanne’s collection of items comes with writing descriptions of her pieces. “My business supports the American Indian community by making the public aware of the handcrafted artwork that is available by artistians.
Everything is unique and beautiful to add to your collection of art work from the USA. Made in American. ”


Meet Susanne at the Artisan Gifts & Food Marketplace

Grace Jewel & Arts

Edith Graciela Sanabria

Family business for generations jewelers and artists

We have antique jewelry and gems. Exclusive designer for engagement rings, and corporation jewelry. We have paintings and art. My grand father was a well known jeweler, so I love to keep the business in the family.

I am a jewelry designer, painter and poet.grace jewelry
I grew up inspired by my family to create new jewelry and clothing.
I am from Bolivia, so I love and I use on my inspiration from pre-Colombian art , nature and Spanish heritage.
I do jewelry design, painting and bilingual books
My mother got very sick and art help her to be alive and we are still painting together.
Studio : Alexandria Huntington metro – by appointment only.

Maré Naturals

Ebise Bayisa

Maré Naturals makes natural beauty products using beeswax and honey sourced exclusively from Ethiopia. Maré supports a bee farmer cooperative in Ethiopia that promotes fair trade and sustainable wages.

Maré sells body butter, lip balm, milk and honey soap, body scrub, and beeswax candles. All of the products are hand crafted in Washington DC and include only natural ingredients such as shea butter, coco butter, coconut oil, and almond oil. I’ve always loved making my own beauty products and have been making lotion for many years. In 2013, I went to Ethiopia to visit my family and I saw bee farmers struggling to sell their beeswax in the market.mare naturals

On a whim, I bought some beeswax and brought it home with me, thinking it would be fun experiment with new lotion recipes. After giving away many jars of lotion to friends and family, I decided to begin selling my products. I chose the name Maré because it’s the Amharic word of honey. That way, everyone who buys my products will know that there is a piece of Ethiopia in every product. I sell my products at various markets in the area and also sell online on Etsy. Products are made to order

Meet Ebise at the Artisan Gifts & Food Marketplace

Riina Mettas Jewelry

Riina Mettas-Wilsey

My mission is to offer high quality, stylish, handmade jewelry designed to help transform any woman’s business or evening ware into striking and elegant statement, effortlessly.

riina mettasI have been designing jewelry for over ten years now. It started as a hobby, but my dream was always to turn it into a real business one day. But being a single mom for many years and not having any formal design or art education made me very hesitant to take the next step. At the same time, when I saw how happy these women were, how pretty and confident they felt wearing my jewelry, it made me think, if these little things I create bring so many positive emotions, I can’t stop doing it.
Now I am not only looking to establish a successful business, but also to create opportunities for other women.”

Baltic Boutique

Indre Ruth Martinson

Ladies hand- made boutique items

I sell imported and USA handmade ladies accessories and home accessories. I started my business because I think our world needs more authentic people. For me being authentic means to be a Creator and encourage a Creator in other people. It means to be connected with everything with love. Baltic Boutique offers handmade love.

MISSION:Baltic Boutique is a bridge between creative artisans to people who are longing for personal expression, meaning and uniqueness.

Meet Indre at the Artisan Gifts & Food Marketplace

Tinker Berry Designs

Dinelles Sakyi

All my creations are one of a kinds and I hope my customers enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Dinelles picI use kitchen towels, diapers, and other items to make inedible usable cakes. These items are assembled in way that makes it extraordinary and fun to gift anyone for any occasion. I also make one of a kind hair accessories and handmade bow ties. I love making products with my hands and it makes me even happier when I see the joy that my gifts bring to customers and their love ones. I have been making handmade gifts for as long as I could remember.

Meet Dinelles at the Artisan Gifts & Food Marketplace

Necessories by RaquiRaqui pic

Raqui Rhodes

I create yarn/fabric I-Wear, clutch purses, hats and a variety of silver jewelry with semi precious stones.
My art is my ministry. Every piece I create is a manifestation of God’s blessing on me, and his creation of me with all that God is. I love LOVE and I want to share it with Everyone. I love what I do, and I want others to feel as blessed as I am. I have a website but I have most of my products on Instagram and Facebook; Necessories by Raqui. Everyday all day!

Wooden Pencil Co

Sachie Kohlman

Sachie picWooden Pencil co sells nature inspired artworks by an artist Suwachi. Our philosophy is to provide made in USA, high quality, unique and emotionally engaging art prints for outdoor lovers all over the world usig global online marketplace Etsy.

Currently we have over 70 original outdoor inspired art works on Etsy store and sold over 700 prints to date. Our plan is to continue grow my business and its product lines to not only Etsy but retailers all over the country. Sachie Kohlman Bio Suwachi is an artist, designer, entrepreneur and mother of two cats. Originally from Kyoto, Japan, her cross-cultural life and design experience led to her most recent art project Wooden Pencil Company, a paper-goods company which features her nature inspired illustration for outdoor enthusiasts. Her state bird poster series have been featured in Birds & Blooms Magazine September 2014 issue, Stationary Trend Magazine Winter 2015 issue and various art & lifestyle blogs. She is also an accomplished designer and illustrator with 11 years of graphic design experience. She opened her own design-consulting firm, Goma Design Studio (, to provide design/brand strategy to companies looking to leverage the power of design to grow business and improve their brand image. Suwachi received B.F.A. in graphic design from The Maryland Institute College of Art. “On Etsy Shop.

sachiedayo woodenpencilco

Nyogea EnterprisesMame pic

Mame NDiaye

Original Art on wonderful things to wear and beautiful art to share on greeting cards and prints. Mame is
an visionary artist on a mission to change our perceptions of people with autism and other kinds of neurodiversity and to increase everybody’s happiness quotient. About her art, Mame says ” my art is for healing, joy, and protection from negativity”. This holiday season,we will offer our products at gift markets and on line at Etsy and at other online shopping opportunities. After November 15th.

Urban Masala

Patricia Sehar Peerzada

Patricia picI design and produce hand block printed, limited edition clothing for women. My pieces are comfortable and easy to wear. They are unique and exclusive in terms of shape, size, and print. Each printed piece is a signed work of art. “I am an artist at heart, from a family of artists. I have always had the help of family, but they have gone to the ancestors. Now at 61 years old, after taking care of my parents, I rely on my own talents and creativity to survive. I am mentoring some young folks to learn self reliance. I hope to expand my business and employ more women to sew and sell my products. The demand for my work is high, but I am not always able to meet the demand.

My studio in the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower
21 S. Eutaw St. Suite 604 Baltimore, Md by appointment

I am a regular vendor at The Fenton Street Craft a Market in Silver Spring, Md 3017682668 Urban masala clothing

Tutu’s StorybooksMaimunah pic

Maimunah Marah

Tutu’s Storybooks is a diverse Children’s Book Retailer via our pop-up bookshop as well as our online store. Our unique collection of new children’s books emphasizes African cultural heritage throughout the diaspora. Our mission is to bring culturally relevant books to the community via community events and school book fairs. I am an Education Specialist. I am a first-generation born US citizen. My parents are from Sierra Leone and instilled the love of books and learning in me. I advocate for the importance of healthy cultural identity development and how it impacts school achievement. Our pop-up shop participates in community events and school book fairs in the DC metro area. Our online store ships nationally. Our online store is accessible 24/7. @TutusStorybooks @22zstorybooks

Tembo Group

Deborah de la Reguera


Tembo Group offers items for the individual, home, and office, hand crafted by our talented international artists who reside in Baltimore. Our wide variety of items means there is something for everyone. Paintings are done in oil, acrylic, and multi-mediums. The jewelry is all handmade and reflects the cultural heritage of the artists as well as the United States. Customers will find a variety of products for young children including stuffed animals. For the adult there is upcycled clothing, decorative pillows, garden items, and much, much more! I started this social enterprise with the mission of providing employment to artisans who felt compelled to leave their country of origin due to war, persecution, civil unrest, or any type of discrimination. With so many things to learn when moving to a new country (relocating within the US for me has been tough enough!), I wanted to provide our newest immigrants the opportunity to make a living using a skills already developed. It is amazing to see the amount of talent these people possess. Your support of Tembo Group allows our employees the opportunity to continue supporting their families , and allows Tembo Group to grow, thereby providing employment to other artisans who come to our shores. Tembo Group is located in the Fell’s Point area of Baltimore, MD at 1706 Fleet Street. A number of our products can also be viewed on our website: TemboGroup.US Information on several of our artisans is also online. Tembo Group is open 7 days a week. The current hours are 10am – 6pm Monday – Friday. 10am – 5pm Saturday. Noon – 5pm Sunday. TemboGroup.US 667-303-3969 Tembo Group Tembo Group
kelemart Kelemua My business is all about creativity. As a professional artist I am producing different art pieces mostly oil painting on canvas. Beside that I am making hand made jewelry

Red Bluff Rock & Gift ShopCarla pic

Carla Bracey

Rocks, Semi-Precious Gemstones and Gemstone Gifts I am a rock hound at heart. I love to play with the children (an adults) as they explore the beautiful rocks that God has given us to enjoy. na

RG Handmade Designs

Ruzanna Ghurbanyan

Ruzanna picUnique hand painted silk scarves for any occasion “My name is Ruzanna Ghurbanyan and I am a batik artist and silk painter from Armenia. I make unique handmade artwear, including silk scarves, clothing, and jewelry. Ten years ago, I found my true passion when I discovered batik. Batik is a remarkable silk painting technique, you simply cannot help but fall in love with it.
I started to experiment with scarves, dresses, skirts, and jewelry. New ideas were constantly coming into my mind. Looking close at the wonderful works of famous artists, I was getting new energy and new ideas for my batiks – mixing color schemes and using various fabrics to create unique patterns, which were all inspired by nature. I realized that I finally found the way to express myself through the colors and flowers that I have painted. Shortly I started to create different lines of silk scarves. The main lines were series of irises, orchids, cherry blossoms, pomegranate motifs, as well as scarves with Armenian ethnic elements.
” facebook online or contact directly 202 817 84 30 RG Handmade Designs


Karen Webber Gilat

Karen WG picThrough WING&PRAYER, Cantor Karen Webber Gilat creates custom Jewish rituals for life cycle events; including baby namings, weddings, end of life, funeral and mourning.

Cantor Webber Gilat is an expert in training non-traditional learners many with special needs for Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Through storytelling, poetry and music, Karen connects students to their Jewish heritage. ” “When my kids with special needs were growing up there were very few options, if any, to participate in a Jewish coming of age ritual. Many doors were shut to them.

Wing&Prayer presents families with a new set of doors. These are always open. I reach out to those who never thought their son or daughter could become Bar/Bat Mitzvah. By customizing the ritual, students and families experience success and pride and a sense of inclusion in the Jewish community.” “WING&PRAYER -allows me to meet learn and plan with clients in a variety of settings including their homes and public spaces such as libraries. Ceremonies and celebrations are held in a variety of sites and settings.

I have clients in Montgomery, Frederick and Howard counties.

Please call to arrange a consultation.

Services offered at an agreed upon time and hours are flexible.” 423.289.7237
Creative R We Loredana and Stefan Calin Origami earrings, cards, dollar bills. We make beautiful art, and everybody needs a little bit of art in their lives. On Facebook. Anytime! 🙂

Georgian Feast

Maya Hall

Maya picA wide variety of delicious, authentic and traditional Georgian dishes prepared from fresh natural ingredients. This includes many vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. “I have a passion for cooking and am fortunate in being the only caterer in the greater Washington DC area to offer authentic cuisine from my country, the Republic of Georgia.

This year I took the ETS class in Rockville, which has given me a wonderful opportunity to grow my business.” I have a website through which I carry out business, as well as word-of-mouth recommendations. I provide catering services for all occasions, from an intimate dinner for two through to large dinners and receptions for several hundred people. 240-421-2919

African Women and Youth Initiative

Dr. Pauline Muchina

Pauline picAfrican Women and Youth Initiative (AWYI) is a creative design company that crafts handmade African
products for the global market. The company started as a dream of one individual (Eunice Wangari Muchina) and her family. It has evolved beyond family confines to adult individuals in the community dedicated to changing their families’ lives for the better through their initiative as creators of beautiful African products. Based in Nakuru, and near the Lake with flamingos, the company is managed by poor women who have decided to break the cycle of poverty and are committed to using their talents to do so. They are not waiting for handouts. They are seeking to make a decent wage. The products are shipped to the USA, where they are sold, and the money sent back to Kenya. African Women and Youth Initiative is licensed in Kenya and USA, and it does not use child labor. Some of the proceeds go to our Future African Leaders Project (FALP) scholarship fund. FALP supports orphans and vulnerable children with school fees, food, and shelter as well as health services. Some of the members of FALP are living with HIV after losing their parents to AIDS-related illnesses. So far, the company has enabled 10 women and five young men to make a decent wage and has contributed to the scholarship fund to keep kids in school. “Pauline Muchina comes from the Rift Valley Province in Kenya, where her family still resides. She came to the U.S. to study and earned a Ph.D. in 2000. She is currently an independent consultant and a fellow with Center for Health and Social Policy. Her independent consultancy includes motivational public speaking, advocacy on human rights, gender and women’s empowerment training, partnership facilitation and small business training. Previously, she served as the Senior Partnership Advisor for UNAIDS for seven and a half years. Pauline serves in several boards and advisory groups including, Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Global Room for Women. Also, she is a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians.

Pauline co-founded African Women & Youth Initiative, a handmade creative design company that crafts authentic hand-made African products for the global market. Based in Nakuru, and near the Lake with flamingoes, the company is managed by poor women who have decided to break the cycle of poverty and are committed to using their own talents to do so. The profit goes back to supporting families with school fees, food and health services: Additionally, the company works with immigrant women in the USA to empower them to work together in creating business and educational opportunities and providing support for each other.

Additionally, Pauline is the manager of Future African Leaders Project, designed to support promising African youth who face serious challenges in getting an education and maintaining their health. The project provides school fees, books and other supplies and where needed housing and a food allowance. In addition, participants receive leadership development training and assistance which enables them to participate in youth lead activities in Kenya. Several are living with HIV and the project provides access to ARVS, good nutrition and safe housing.

” 24/7

Evette Monique Couture

Evette Monique

Unique accessories and clothing I do this because I love art and my community. Fashion is an outlet for me and helps me express the way I see the world and where it’s heading. I want to be a role model for young girls and to inspire them to be great. “Products and services are available on evettemonique/Facebook .com
Evettemonique/” I’m available Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm Evette Monique Evette_monique_couture

Khush DesignsSharmila pic

Sharmila Karamchandani

Will be selling Jewelry, henna design services and note cards based on my art. I do one of a kind unique
designs and never repeat a design. Customers can be assured to take with them unique gifts that no one else has.

Doler And Senses

Doler Shah

Doler picMy name is Doler Shah. I am an artist, a jeweler and restaurateur. My first passion though has always been art. Lately I’ve been drawn more to sketching and drawing, though I also enjoy watercolors. I have a textile designing background, which lends itself to my free hand furniture painting. I also do custom order furniture painting; the table on display here is a prototype dining table.

Please check out my website

For purchasing inquiries please email me at I accept Paypal and Square.

Jameela Art

Jameela AlterJameela Alter pic

Jameela Alter was born in Calcutta, India. She has lived extensively in the United Kingdom, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Her travels and experiences inspired her to write two books, On Clipped Wings, and Barwalas (Outsiders). Jameela is also a retired Montessori teacher with a Master’s Degree from Loyola College, Baltimore. She loves creating hand-made booklets, boxes, bookmarks etc. Lyrical words of wisdom are her source of inspiration.

Karen Jabo Jewelry

Karen Jabo

Karen J picKaren is a silversmith living in Arlington, Va. She discovered her love for metal smithing in high school when she took her first jewelry class. Karen has done craft shows all over the country and her work has been sold in many craft stores and boutiques.

All Karen Jabo Jewelry is individually handcrafted in sterling silver with ornamentation in pearl, glass and gemstones.

Bleu Harvest

Kari Kramer

Kari picFollowing a previous career in biological research, Chef Kari Kramer realized her true passion for food
and cooking. She completed culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu, Atlanta, GA in 2007, and began her culinary training under some great cooks and chefs in both the U.S. and Switzerland. She decided to venture on her own while living in Champaign-Urbana, IL, and began cooking for a few individuals/families in their homes on a weekly basis. Soon after, Bleu Harvest was born, and is now in it’s third year in the DC metro area. Bleu Harvest currently offers a variety of meal options, including vegan, healthy comfort foods, everyday eating, and low carb options. We specialize in sustainable, healthy cooking that is customized to clients taste, nutritional and dietary needs. We have extensive knowledge of local and sustainable produce, meats, dairy, and fish/seafood, as well as knowledge of international and regional cuisines.

Peck’s Collections

Karidjatou Kragbe

Karidjatou picKaridjatou Pépita C. Kragbé, former West African model, is from the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire. Since stepping down from modeling to start her own family, she utilized her fame as a former model to bring attention to her country’s culture, economic and social situation, particularly children and women’s issues. In order to bring attention to the beautiful culture of her country, she promotes tourism, and encourages leadership; she created Peck’s Collections, a unique accessory manufacturer and retailer carrying items from clothing to home décor. Through Excellence in Beauty and Fashion, they can equip your house with special African inspired organic hand woven bed covers, table clothes, Batik, mudcloth decor… and more. As a philanthropist who believes in the helping hand, Pépita founded a Not for Profit Organization, “La Main Tendue-The Reach Out hand. She believes that all children and adults, regardless of their origin and creed, have a right to enjoy the same happiness, health, and education as others do in the world.

KelemArt Studio

Kelemua Desta

Kelemua picKelemua is an artist and a mother of three originally from Ethiopia. Her experience consists of being a
fine art school graduate and teaching art at elementary schools abroad. She seized the opportunity to sell her art when she started running out of a safe space to store all of it. Kelemua plans to start her business in the future by opening KelemArt Studio where she will sell various kinds of her art. She was inspired to start her business when she learned through a friend that she could acquire the knowledge needed to turn her talent into a business at EWI. EWI helped her learn how to present and market her talent and products to potential customers.

Random Words Marketing

Laura Ramirez-Drain

Laura RD picLaura is the CEO and founder of Random Words Marketing Group. “We deliver data and strategies that drive the marketing approach for Multicultural consumers. Random Words Marketing is a consulting business, we don’t sell products we sell solutions. We are offering photography, radio production, and social media consulting.” Random Words Marketing Group LLC is member of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Asian American Chamber of Commerce and Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce.

Creative R We

Loredana Calin

Loredana picLoredana’s business makes origami models and is called Creative r we. Her son Stefan who is an artist
taught Loredana to make origami and he has been making origami for three years now. She chose to start her business as she found origami to have a therapeutic effect on herself and others as they admire their creations/ beautiful results. When Loredana learned about EWI Alumni Sushmita Mazumdar, owner of Studio story, she too realized she could make a business out of her Origami. EWI gave Loredana the chance to learn, to develop, to blossom.

Marcie Wolf-Hubbard

Marcie picMarcie received her B.A. from the University of Maryland in Studio Art and studied Fine Art and Illustration at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. She is a teaching artist in the community, working with children and adults including individuals with special needs and seniors with dementia.

“I have always loved to draw. Like most artists, I look and take in what’s around me. For the past five years, I have been working in encaustic (hot wax) painting. My drawing is an appreciation of the life, personality, spirit and beauty of humanity and nature.”

Earthsteward EnterpriseSandra pic

Sandra Owusu-Ansah

Sandra’s artistic expression has always been the key to her identity. As she progressed through life, this
artistic expression led Sandra to find the beauty in all things. This ability provided Sandra with the need to create products from discarded items. From this reconstruction she was able to create a unique style of up cycle artistry, which led to the creation of her company, Earthsteward Enterprise. Earthsteward Enterprise is comprised of Scraps R Treasures and Artful Soul.

Aburi Botanicals

Suzanne Amoonarquah

Suzanne A picAburi Botanicals is an all-natural, vegan skin and hair care company founded by Ghanaian-American sisters and based in Northern Virginia. Aburi Botanicals offers a collection of luxurious skin and hair care solutions that reflect the dualism of its origins. Handcrafted soaps, body butters, scrubs, and hair moisturizers for ladies, gentlemen, and children are created using natural ingredients from around the world and, in particular, from Ghana.




Savvy Business- Coaching & Consulting and Blue Wind Films

Jessica picJessica Camacho-Rodriguez

CEO and founder of Savvy Business, Coaching and Consulting.

I develop the capabilities of entrepreneurs and businesses by fostering individual performance in personal and business life. My commitment is for you to focus on your talent and potential by addressing derailing behavior and difficult issues. Allowing you to be more competent and self-reliant to enjoy every aspect of your life.

Fall 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase
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