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Victoria Mayer was born in Miami, Florida, to a Cuban father and Moroccan mother, and has lived all over the world, including time in Mexico City, Brazil, and other South American countries. Both of her parents are chefs, and her dad used to work for an international catering company, so Victoria learned from a very young age how to get around a kitchen.

Victoria has epilepsy, and like so many people, she has struggled with depression, anxiety, and weight issues. She has a vision to provide food services to people like her, other epileptics, and those who are trying to lose weight but don’t know how to cook. Before coming to EWI, Victoria knew she wanted to start a business, but felt overwhelmed with her health issues and the many tasks and knowledge needed to launch. She has a big, bold vision for her business, and wants her brand to grow and eventually, to open her own store.

As a member of the Entrepreneur Training for Success class, Victoria is building her business plan, learning to speak in public, network, and understand the ins and outs of selling. Without the support of her husband, and of EWI, she says, her business wouldn’t even exist.

Since joining the program, Victoria feels she has had a huge amount of growth and feels better mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

To other aspiring entrepreneurs, Victoria says, DO IT! Never be shy to ask for the right help, and you don’t have to be perfect. It is OK to fail. She recommends EWI “to any woman with a good idea and who wants to be independent.” She says that the help she’s received from EWI has been priceless. She is grateful to the donors, whose impact is so valuable to low-income and minority women who are on their journey to starting a business. Your support will help Victoria to keep working toward her big vision.

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Expressing Gratitude: spotlight on Victoria Meyer
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