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A friend of mine, a gifted entrepreneur, Eileen Kessler and a mentor in EWI’s Entrepreneur Fellowship Class 2014, suggested I read “Crazy is a compliment” by Linda Rottenberg, Co-founder and CEO of Endeavor, a nonprofit supporting entrepreneurs around the world.

The book speaks in the voice of the work we do at Empowered Women International, and I highly recommend this book to all dreamers.

In her book, Linda shared that for some time she believed that entrepreneurs “are born, not made.” However, after two decades of working with entrepreneurs, she now is convinced that entrepreneurship can be learned, and that anyone can practice to become an entrepreneur.

Over the past 12 years, Empowered Women International has been teaching entrepreneurship as a way of life, as a mindset for following one’s passion and dreams, and as an opportunity for self-employment and economic support.

Tiki is a fellow in EWI Entrepreneur Fellowship launching an HR Company
Tiki is a fellow in EWI Entrepreneur Fellowship launching an HR Company

Mastering the art of entrepreneurship is not simply about starting a business

It’s about willing to take risk, learning from failed experiences, gaining new skills, cultivating relationships, building leaders, and investing in ideas and people who can change the world.In working with entrepreneurs, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is a powerful conduit to help women unleash their infinite potential.

Entrepreneurship is a way to give voice to acts of courage and acts of healing

A way to validate the gifts we all share. A way to become engaged, not left behind. A way to build resilience and confidence, find strength when everything else is lost, and a way to be accountable to ourselves and to each other.

Entrepreneurship is a powerful act of creation and a source of building community

I marvel each time we start a new cycle of training and support for women entrepreneurs. It is their ideas and dreams that keep us going and their need for support that make us go the distance. Read more about our life-changing programs below, and how your support makes it all possible.If you share our dream for entrepreneurship, join us as mentors and sponsors. We need several mentors right now in our program to help propel our students.Got time and want to help, email me.

Onward and Upward!

Marga Fripp

Marga C. Fripp

Founder & Chief Visionary

Empowered Women International

Entrepreneurship, a Transformative Journey
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