EWI is thrilled to welcome our class of amazing entrepreneurs who are ready to embark on a year long fellowship program where they will begin with the Entrepreneur Training for Success Program. They will be  empowered through training, entrepreneurship mentoring as well as gaining money management and life skills.

This 2015 Entrepreneur Fellowship Class is filled with a creative  and diverse group of entrepreneurs from over 8 different countries including Brazil and Guinea! Their businesses include a range of services to include childcare, photography, jewelry design, gourmet roasted nuts, graphic design, public health consultation, college counseling and even Samba dance classes!

The Meet & Greet on September 30th was a great start to the program. Women entrepreneurs were able to come together and learn more about their classmates and trainers as well as get oriented to the program. They will be transforming their visions and dreams into reality  and strengthening their foundation as entrepreneurs.

Joy Mbajah will be developing her Public Health Consulting Firm


It was great to see their smiling faces as they shared in the excitement for whats to come!


Icebreaker activities were a fun way to share ideas, get to know one another and set the tone for a year of growth and productivity within a community of powerful women.

Michelle Massi, originally from Columbia speaking about her graphic design business with mentors Carolyn Bloom and Eileen Kessler. Michelle is also EWI’s graphic and web design volunteer!


Students will develop great relationships with each other, their mentors and trainers which will be their support system as they are developing their business, facing challenges and achieving their goals.

Maria Zezeh Pereira will be taking her passion for Samba dance to the next level.


These courageous, inspiring and talented women entrepreneurs will be working hard and recognizing their potential for success. This program will not only assist with these entrepreneurs businesses and employment endeavors but also help them to gain confidence, self esteem and leadership skills.

ETS MarylandTrainer Laura Levengard and entrepreneur Jodi Tharan, who will be kick-starting her college counseling business
Carolyn Bloom, ETS mentor, and Marga Fripp, EWI’s President

We are so excited for these women entrepreneurs and can’t wait to see how this program impacts their journey as empowered business women.

IMG_4092A special thank you goes to EWI’s donors who contribute to making this program possible for these amazing entrepreneurs. They plan on working very hard throughout their training process, utilizing their talent and propelling their passion.

Written by Brianna Pippens, Marketing & Communications Intern

Photo Credit: Yasmin Abdi, EWI Alumni Entrepreneur!

An Amazing Class of Entrepreneurship Fellows who are Ready to Flourish!
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