Maya Hall selling at Marketplace 2016
Maya Hall selling at Marketplace 2016. Photo courtesy of Ernesto Rivera.

Maya Hall completed EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success course in 2015 and its Grow My Business program in 2016.  Maya has always had a passion for cooking and entertaining however, the catalyst for her business Georgian Feast, came in the form of a simple question.

About ten years ago one of my dinner guests asked if I would be interested in making appetizers for a local Georgian wine distributor,” Maya recalls. “That’s how it started out on a small scale and I have expanded steadily over the years, mostly through word of mouth recommendations.”

Georgian Feast is a catering business that specializes in authentic cuisine from Maya’s native Republic of Georgia. “I am the only Georgian cuisine caterer in the greater Washington DC area,” she says proudly. She decided to enroll with EWI because she wanted to know how to expand her business by having a better understanding of  the financial and marketing aspects that are pertinent to her growth.

When asked about the impact EWI has had on her business she enthusiastically says, “EWI has given me the confidence to move forward with my business. It has also granted me access to several marketplaces where I have been able to showcase my business and products.”

As Maya continues to implement the many strategies and ideas that she received from EWI, she looks forward to continuing her relationship with the organization for a long time.

“I am so honored and happy to be a part of the EWI family as I have met so many wonderful people and received great advice and encouragement.” she said. “There’s so much relief that comes from knowing you are a part of a community of people who understand your struggles, hold you accountable and cheer you on because they truly believe in you.”

A Taste for Success
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