We here at EWI truly believe that “it takes a village” to make a true impact. Each year we work with hundreds of volunteers and interns to help make sure that we can support the many women who come to us seeking support and guidance to start their own businesses. As we step into the Fall, we’d like to highlight three incredible women who recently moved on to their next roles after a busy Summer here. Their hard work, passion, and dedication to helping women thrive will not be forgotten!

This summer we had the privilege of having Kate Weaver as our Programs and Outreach Intern. Driven and ambitious, Kate is fueled by her passion for women and immigration issues so when she found EWI in her search for a summer internship in DC, it immediately caught her interest. In the office, you could find Kate answering phone calls, writing follow-up emails, and printing paper but it wasn’t until the first pitch event that she saw the bigger picture of EWI.  “Getting to see these women stand in front of the class and speak passionately about the business that EWI empowered them to pursue really made all my hard work meaningful,” she said. Her time at EWI has helped her see so much of entrepreneurial process and has given her hands-on experience working with immigrant women. She is so grateful to EWI for helping give her “an ability to see how the smaller things contribute to the success of the greater picture.”

Malak with her daughter and Alexandra Boycheck at an EWI event

Right across from Kate, sat Programs Associate, Malak Abdulhamied, who found EWI after a Google search to try to find a nice community of women to join. “Since I am a single mom, I know how it feels to be alone and fight to find a living,” she said, “I needed support and I got it when I joined EWI.” Malak was passionate about helping other women in the community who were business owners, immigrants, single moms, or who just needed a safe space to land. EWI gave her a perfect opportunity to volunteer to help women become strong and independent. After volunteering for a number of months, we were lucky to engage Malak as a consultant for a short while, running programs in Northern VA. Malak says working with EWI was a life-changing experience for her and she is now able “to lead and manage full programs that serve the community.”

Another one of our awesome interns this summer was Kacey Beckham. She was the face behind all the Facebook, Instagram, Tweets, and blog posts you saw this summer. Kacey came to us from Columbia, South Carolina to get some experience in the marketing and development field. “I don’t know exactly what I want to do for my career yet but I know I love to write,” Kacey said. She wrote several blog posts for the website and increased the number of daily interactions on the EWI Facebook page by her new style of posting. “EWI gave me the perfect opportunity to explore my gifts and strengths while working in an uplifting atmosphere and helping women at the same time,” Kacey said, “it was a win-win-win!”

We are so sad to see these wonderful women leave EWI, but we know that they will take the skills they have learned with us and be a shining light wherever they go!

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It takes a village
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