Lindsey Turnbull is a recent graduate of EWI’s “Grow My Business” course and is the Owner & Head Teen Girl Whisperer at MissHeard Media.

MissHeard Media creates empowering, positive media and experiences for teen girls through a community-based blog and workshops.

“I started MissHeard Media in 2013, after I earned my MA in history and moved from FL to DC in hopes of finding the perfect museum job,” Lindsey recalls. “But the sequester made it difficult for finding work and I realized I missed the teen girls I worked with when I was a part of a teen mentoring program (Young Women Leaders Program/YWLP) in college.”

During Lindsey’s time with the YWLP, she witnessed how smart, innovative, and funny the girls were and recognized that there wasn’t enough focus on these aspects of teen girls in the media and society at large. “I wanted to give them a platform to share their unique stories and connect with one another. I wanted to help them sharpen the skills they will use every day as they journey towards adulthood,” she said.

Lindsey is a self-proclaimed introvert who didn’t enjoy networking and spent years toiling with the idea of MissHeard Media without a clear plan of how it would be defined and how it could generate revenue. EWI helped her focus her vision and retool her business so that she could promote it with confidence and help people within the community. “EWI also helped me work on my elevator pitch, so I feel more confident when networking,” said Lindsey.

When it comes to giving advice to anyone considering taking a class or workshop at EWI, the message is clear. “Do it,” Lindsey states. “Put the work in, do the research and don’t wait for the “perfect” moment because that doesn’t exist. You may fail or stumble a few times, but it’s part of the learning process.” She also adds, “No successful woman got to her peak without stumbling.”

According to Lindsey, the best part of her experience with EWI was the community of dedicated, smart and talented women who cheered her on. “Before EWI, I was one good cry away from quitting my business entirely,” Lindsey admits. “With the support of my amazing teachers and their resources and connections, I was able to re-shape my business into something that I believe is sustainable.”  The support of her classmates who were going through some of the same trials and victories truly made each class exciting and motivating.

Video Highlights from the 2016 Pitch Event

“There’s nothing more valuable than having all those sets of fresh eyes examining your ideas. It may sometimes be painful, but the results are always worth it,” said Lindsey.  With her new focus and confidence, Lindsey is planning on expanding MissHeard Media to develop workshops for a variety of schools, faith-based organizations, and camps around the country to connect girls to the world, one shared story, one new skill at a time.

“Before I started EWI I hadn’t made any money,” Lindsey professed. “By the time I graduated, I had three paying clients. I would encourage any woman who has a good idea and a dream to attend an EWI class or event. You won’t regret it!”

The Teen Girl Whisperer
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