nazaahah-amin-headshotNazaahah Amin is a graduate of the EWI Spring 2016 Grow My Business program and a Yoga Instructor and entrepreneur.

Women are responsible for many demands that require their time and attention daily. As a mama, sister, daughter and friend, Nazaahah wanted to create safe spaces for women of color to cultivate self-care. “I do this by teaching yoga, meditation and encouraging sisterhood amongst black women” she stated. “I started teaching yoga in 2011 and after experiencing all of the beautiful effects it had on my life, and wanted to share it with women like me so I started my own women’s only yoga class in Baltimore, MD.”

After moving to Washington, DC and soon felt the emotional and physical effects of stress that come from living in a major city and wanted a natural remedy to help while she was on the go. In 2015 she founded Ama Scents, aromatherapy sprays that can be used anywhere.

“EWI has truly empowered me to see that I can be very successful with my business” said Nazaahah. “I had many doubts that I could sustain my livelihood with my business but EWI helped me realize that I was already doing a stellar job.” What was needed was a bigger perspective on how she could be financially sustainable with her business. “The GMB program gave me clarity to see where my true passion was. I entered the program with a graphic design business in mind and within 6 weeks realized that wasn’t the business I was truly passionate about.”

Once she made the shift she witnessed an instant boost in sales, expanded her offerings and enrolled new clients into her wellness business.

Her biggest advice to other entrepreneurs is, “Start a business that you are truly passionate about. Not the one that you are good at, but one that you love deep down in your soul.” Nazaahah insists that when one pursue a business that you’re passionate about your inner drive and motivation will push you forward because it is a part of you.

In the next 3 years she sees herself teaching yoga full time in her own yoga studio/retail space/home. Ama Sprays will be sold in several  boutiques and she will have two published health and wellness books.

Nazaahah says that her instructors and classmates were “ridiculously encouraging” and that the financial sessions allowed her to see where she was undervaluing her services.  She says, “I was really selling myself short in terms of what I was charging. That was an issue of self-worth and EWI helped me see that I am worthy of so much more!”

Sustainability for the Soul
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