Before Sushmita learned about EWI, she had an idea for a new business venture but did not know how to make it a reality.

When she met the EWI staff,  Sushmita knew they understood her creativity and they wanted to work with her and help her artwork blossom. Sushmita recalls, “the greatest impact EWI’s training had on my business was to give me confidence that it was a good idea and could work. EWI gave me an amazing support network—which is often missing when you work alone.”

Sushmita’s business idea was inspired by her children. She wanted to tell them stories about her childhood in India so they could understand other lives and cultures. She used her background in graphic design and art as a springboard to launch her small business. She trained herself to write and bind books by hand, then taught others to do the same.

“The greatest challenge is to have a regular income as a business woman”, says Sushmita. “But as you build contacts, collaborate, and stay open to new ideas for your business, it can all happen. Just hang in there and believe in your idea.”

Today, Sushmita has her own studio, Studio PAUSE (www.StudioPause.com), where she gives the ordinary person a space to showcase their art, writing, and ideas and to build a community. She connects people who need a space to be their creative outlet and encourages them to pursue their creativity. We are very grateful to Sushmita for her continued support of EWI’s mission and students.

SushSushmita shared the following original poem for EWI:


By Sushmita Mazumdar


The windows are up

The a/c is on

It’s the fourth of July

We are far from home


We pass the city landfill

Driving into the sunset

The music is great

Rio Grande gorge ahead


Then, for some reason

I put down the window

And open up to the flat,

The endless, the forever.


What is that I smell?

Stop the car! I get off

I walk away. I run.

Where is it? Where is it?


What is this beautiful smell?

There’s nothing here,

Just the endless ground

Just the forever sky


And just this scrubby plant

At my feet, all around me

As far as the eye can see

I squat, run my fingers through it.



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Sushmita Mazumdar: “Just Hang in There and Believe”
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