Responding to increased demand for her books, writing, and educational experiences, Sushmita Mazumdar is opening a second location in Ballston, VA. Studio PAUSE is EWI’s first brick and mortar business by a graduate. It was started with the support of a loan from Kiva Zip, a micro loan provider, and EWI served as trustee. Sushmita writes, “After being encouraged and endorsed by an awesome local organization, Empowered Women International, where I did my entrepreneurship training from over five years ago, I put my idea out to a world of people I’ve never met.”

sushmita mazumdar
Sushmita Mazumdar is a book artist, writer, and educator. She encourages children and adults to share their art and stories from their lives so people can get to know them better and understand the world they live in.

You know when you think you have a great idea and don’t want to tell people because they will think it’ll be impossible? Well, I thought I would try telling it to strangers first.

Read more about Sushmita’s remarkable journey: Why do Random Strangers Seem to Love my Idea?

Celebrating with Sushmita!

EWI’s success is shown in the accomplishments of our alumni. Sushmita Mazumdar was the first EWI alum to opened a brick & mortar location for her business, Studio PAUSE. Now she’s on to location #2!

Join us Saturday, December 5th 2015 to check out the new space and its first exhibit by Eritrean refugee Yosief Habte.

Grand opening of NEW Studio PAUSE in Ballston
December 5 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Rinker Community Center at Gates of Ballston, 4108 4th Street N, Arlington, VA 22203
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About Yosief Habte

Yosief Habte is a multi-talented artist whose varied media provide just as many possibilities of expression. His art has been exhibited in New York even before he set foot in the US 14 months ago. A new resident from Eritrea, he brings cultural flavor and an outlook from a different dimension.

yosief habte yellowing the streets
Yellowing the Streets, mixed media, Josief Habte. Trained in Addis Ababa, Habte never ceased to build on his talent in the span of 20 years. In his more than a dozen solo and group exhibitions, he has been getting positive feedback on his mastery of watercolors, acrylics and collage paintings.

His collage practice started more than a decade ago when he made a post card for a friend. While the three-dimensional feel it brought made it the talking point among friends, it was the recycling part that prompted him to pursue this medium. He regards it as giving a second chance to the papers that are being tossed aside. He reflects on how by changing our perspective we can turn around the doom to a bloom. In his current exhibition he strives to show the wealth in the so called destitute. He says, it is a matter of finding it.

Sushmita Mazumdar expands to second location
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