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Chelsea Yarbro is the Marketing and Communications Intern at Empowered Women International for this winter season. 

I was fortunate enough to attend Studio Pause’s second studio’s Grand Opening several weekends ago. I was so encouraged to meet Sushmita, hear more about her exciting vision for Studio Pause, and meet people who felt the same.
I came to realize Studio Pause is a place of rest. So often in the busyness of our lives we forget the “why;” the passion to do what we do. I know for me, creativity is centric to my existence, and often place it by the wayside. It’s something I need to reprioritize. Maybe as a 2016 resolution?
Because the universe works in mysterious ways, I saw this graphic published by Elizabeth Gilbert this afternoon, and knew I needed to share it with you.
This experience spurred something within me. I was remind of the value of creative expression, especially for those of us who “aren’t” artistic. Studio Pause welcomes all types of people to engage with the art. Sush’s undeniable warmth and encouragement acts as the guide for all artistic pilgrims, leading them gently to creative confidence. This space is nonjudgmental, exploratory, and kind. It leaves room for one to exit the chaos of everyday and enter into rest.
Images above are prints of Yosief A. Habte’s original compositions 
I hope that this season we all take the time to rest, reevaluate, and discover our next revolution. I am wholly grateful to be surrounded by this special community of power and global vision.
Studio Pause, a Place of Rest
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