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Michelle's displaying her creative take on the "vision board" in class
Michelle presenting her creative take on the “vision board” in her ETS class

We are so excited for Michelle Massi, EWI’s former Graphic & Web Design Volunteer, who is now a full-time Graphic Designer at Omni Studios. Michelle came here from Colombia two years ago, she didn’t know anyone or have any family here but she was on a mission to find a job. After searching to no avail she was advised by a friend to start volunteering with non -profits, and that is when she found EWI. She was drawn in by EWI’s mission and decided to apply for the Graphic Designer volunteer position and started soon after.

A collection of some of the wonderful design work Michelle has done for EWI
Michelle designed our EWI banner that has become a staple at our events!

Working with EWI, Michelle has done amazing work, utilizing her graphic and web design skills, designing various marketing and promotional materials for print and web. She has also made great connections through her relationship with EWI. Through EWI, Michelle was introduced to Eileen Kessler, the Founder and President of Omni Studio, who has also been an ETS mentor for the past 2 years (you can find out more about Elieen, her professional background and philosophy on business here).  Omni Studio provides creative communications support—graphic design, production, digital strategy, and print management—to non-profits, associations, and government agencies. We are very pleased to have had Omni Studio design the EWI website!

Michelle speaking about her graphic design business with mentors Carolyn Bloom and Eileen Kessler, of Omni Studio
Michelle speaking about her graphic design business with mentors Carolyn Bloom and Eileen Kessler, of Omni Studio

Eileen became Michelle’s mentor this fall when Michelle became a fellow in our Entrepreneur Fellowship Program. This was a perfect match, as Eileen has been in the graphic design industry for over 30 years and has a lot of experience and knowledge to offer. Michelle said  “Eileen has a great sense of design and I’m learning a lot from her. I’m hoping I get to learn a lot more!

In getting to know one another Eileen mentioned that she needed help around the office and Michelle began as a freelance designer, then started working part-time and shortly after Eileen asked her to come on as a full-time designer. This all happened in the matter of one month! This shows that that Michelle’s talent, skill and commitment to her craft paid off. After being unemployed for over a year and half, this job opportunity has meant a great deal to Michelle. With EWI’s help Michelle has been able to make connections and take steps towards pursuing her dreams.

Michelle is starting her own  graphic design business, M3 which she is currently developing as an EWI fellow. She will begin by doing freelance graphic designer while building up her clientele. Ideally she would like to help start-ups and small business owners with their marketing needs. “I would also like to help elevate their businesses from being generic to being distinguished and prestigious by developing a unified brand identity for them”. She hopes to one day open M3 Design Studio and hire a couple of designers! If you are interested in Michelle’s graphic designer services email her at 

Michelle with EWI Staff celebrating our Program Director, Kim Booher's birthday
Michelle with EWI Staff celebrating our Program Director, Kim Booher’s birthday!

“EWI has been one of the best things that ever happened in my life and I will always be eternally grateful for all the amazing experiences I had while volunteering here. I came here feeling insecure in my skills and abilities, and EWI took me in and helped me rebuild my confidence. Moreover, with the help of EWI, I now have a full time job and very soon, I will also have my own business! Thank you EWI! I’ve been EMPOWERED!”- Michelle Massi


Michelle Massi: Turning Connections into Career Opportunities
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