Empowered Women International celebrates Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM) with stories of some of the incredible women we work with. This annual month of celebration provides people across the United States an opportunity to explore their own heritage, and celebrate immigrants and the diversity that forms the unique experience in this country.

This #ImmigrantHeritageMonth we honor the sacrifice & bravery of our immigrant entrepreneurs, who bring their vision and talent to life, supporting their families and contributing to the economic success of the US. We celebrate our shared experiences & the courage demonstrated by immigrant families. #FamiliesBelongTogether #CelebrateImmigrants @IAmAnImmigrantIMG-1442

Today we want to showcase our very own Regional Program Manager of Women’s Empowerment Programs, Alexandra Boycheck.

Alex moved from her home country of Romania to America 6 years ago. “I’ve dreamed about America since I was a little girl,” she said, “it always seemed like a dreamland to me.” Although being a waitress in New York City was not as glamorous as she had imagined, ¬†Alex remained positive. “I realized that hard work will always pay off and that’s the one thing America showed me and continues to show.”

Alex has not forgotten about her Romanian roots however, and she is always excited to share her customs and traditions with others. She has remained close to her family and has visited home a few times since coming to America. Alex holds on to her heritage because she believes that is what makes America special. “We are all coming from somewhere, some different country, and have a culture and story to share,” she says, “that’s what makes America the land of all possibilities.”

When not managing programs for EWI, you can find Alex enjoying an episode of One Tree Hill, playing with her dog Cooper, or going on a hike somewhere beautiful in the US.


Immigrant Heritage Month- Alexandra Boycheck
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