Here at EWI, we are celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month!
Today we are celebrating one of our alumni, Zeineb Mrad. She is an immigrant from Tunisia who came to America to marry her husband in 1998. While it was really hard to leave her high school teaching job in Tunisia, she knew it was “necessary in order to be with the man [she] loved and to build a future in [their] new home.” They now have two little girls who are “the joy of [her] life!”
unnamed-3 (1)Zeineb discovered her passion for baking while making birthday cakes for her daughters. She loved celebrating their birthdays and learned to bake elaborate cakes for them. Once her friends had a bite of one of her delicious cakes, they encouraged her to sell them and start a business. She sold cakes to some friends but “lacked technicality and efficiency in running the business.” That’s where EWI came in. Zeineb enrolled in EWI’s Grow My Business course where she learned the skills needed to pitch, market her cakes, and learned the basics of business.

Since graduating from the course, Zeineb has expanded her business and continues to make many innovative cakes. She strives to “stay open to new possibilities every minute of the day” and knows her business has a bright future! Zeineb is thankful to be an immigrant because it taught her to “fend for [her]self, to carve [her own] path and prove [her] self as an independent woman entrepreneur.”

We are proud of Zeineb’s passion and dedication, and are honored that she is among our amazing empowered women alumni group. Check out her cakes, recipes, and ideas on her website

Happy Immigrant Heritage Month!- Zeineb Mrad
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