EWI launched Fall 2014 Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS) in Herndon at Connections for Hope Partnership Campus (C4HP)! This was an opportunity to meet, greet, and learn all about EWI, our current fellows and community changemakers. We were thrilled to engage as a community of empowered women from different walks of life who are connected by passion and the desire to turn dreams into a reality.

C O N N E C T.  E N G A G E.  G R O W.  F L O U R I S H. 


This 2015 Entrepreneur Fellowship Class in Herndon  is filled with a creative and diverse group of entrepreneurs. Their businesses include a range of services to include handmade jewelry, a children’s center, apartment services and natural hair care products.

We would like to welcome these courageous, inspiring and talented women entrepreneurs as they embark on a journey filled with growth, changes and accomplishments. This program will assist these entrepreneurs’ budding businesses and employment endeavors and will help them to build confidence and leadership skills. At the end of the program they will be given the necessary tools to thrive as successful leaders, self-employed women or effective employees.

Herndon Program Manager, Lauren Spengler welcoming everyone to Meet, Greet & Learn

Lauren Spengler, Program Manager for Herndon, set the tone for the event by sharing her personal story of transformation. She created a strong sense of community and empowerment by recognizing that “There is something special about Herndon – the sense of open doors, of community, and helping each other”. There was such positive energy in the room and as the women introduced themselves and began to share their ideas and hopes for their future with EWI, it was clear that we had opened our doors in a special community.

Flora Inbuye sharing what truly inspires her!

One of the highlights of the event was an activity where everyone answered the question What Inspires You? This activity was a chance to get to know one another in a unique way. Everyone wrote down three things that inspires them and without speaking, walked around and shared these valuable factors in their lives with each other. There was a range of heartfelt responses from creativity and compassion to family and helping others. The exercise brought all women together as each became more aware of how genuine and ambitious their classmates and community members are.

Many embraces were had that evening as shown by EWI champion Martha Real from Grace Ministries.

It was truly inspiring when everyone recognized what this activity meant for their journey together. They realized that they were in good company and they came to right place. Being a part of this fellowship would not only offer the benefit of personally and professional growth but also a support system of a community of strong women.

Kim Booher, Regional Program Manager, participating in the What Inspires You? Activity
Kim Booher, Regional Program Manager and trainer Sharmila Karamchandani participating in the What Inspires You? activity.

15108483944_cbb53452b7_z Our fellows will be working hard and developing important skills sets in order to take their ideas to the next level. They will be connecting with one another and growing together. The personal touch that we bring to our students through one on one relationships with staff,  mentors and trainers will help to strengthen  their foundation as entrepreneurs and provide them with guidance and encouragement.

15543524440_218763d60c_zWe can’t wait to see how these women entrepreneurs are transformed through this program and how the classes will impact their journey as empowered business women.


We will be offering this session a unique opportunity to sign up for two FREE classes within the entrepreneurship program.

I. Bank on It! Financial Education
Learn how to open bank accounts and other financial education skills to make banking work for you
Class taught by EWI Partner organization Our Daily Bread
Wednesday, December 3, 2014; 6:30- 8:00pm
Herndon office location

II. Create a Marketing Plan for Your Business
Learn how to develop a marketing plan to help sell your products and services
Friday, January 9, 2015; 6:30-9:00pm
Herndon office location

III. Business Plan Pitch
Learn how to pitch your business effectively for funding
Wednesday, February 4, 2015; 6:30-9:00pm
Herndon office location

Interested in attending a FREE entrepreneurship class? Email or call Lauren! lauren@ewint.org, 703-429-5000 ext. 2978

EWI’s fellowship is supported by leaders and business-savvy volunteer consultants from SCORE, Capital One and Ernst & Young. Our trainers are experienced and empowering women entrepreneurs with passion, compassion and fierce leadership.

We are excited about the opportunity to grow with the Herndon community and we hope to gain and continue wonderful connections with the current and aspiring women entrepreneurs in the area!

Connecting and Growing at Herndon Meet, Greet & Learn!
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