Naan Ponce is an EWI Entrepreneur Training for Success alumna and Owner & Founder of STELLALTINAAN, a fashion boutique that specializes in eye-catching accessories and clothing items that combine colour, texture and comfort.  Naan uses her passion and experience in fashion design to produce couture inspired clothing without the designer price tag.


Her items are indeed conversation pieces attracting compliments wherever she goes. This is exactly what inspired Naan to start her own business. Her late husband’s career required lots of travel to different countries which left Naan without a lot of money to spend on clothes especially when just settling into a new place before finding work of her own. Her solution was to wear the clothing and accessories that she made which were so beautiful that lots of  people took notice of.

Naan admits that her lack of knowledge in marketing and understanding of her worth hurt her in the beginning. “I knew absolutely nothing about marketing, budgeting or pricing,” Naan said. “So I lost more than I made and often times simply gave things away with the hope of some exposure.” But the exposure she had hoped for never happen because she was “giving away” valuable items too often which stalled her growth.

Naan’s advice to anyone who has an idea or are in the startup phase of business is to, “Believe in yourself and the quality of your work, but most importantly, find a training program like EWI as soon as you can to channel your ideas into a marketable and successful venture.”

stellaltinaan-handmadeNaan enthusiastically proclaims how much of an impact her experience with EWI has had on STELLALTINAAN. “EWI has helped me claim back the value of my efforts and helped me to really see the quality and value of my work for what it really is.” Naan explained. “And better still, I learned about marketing, budgeting and pricing which is priceless!” Naan knows for sure that she is able to move forward with more confidence in her work and life due to the support and training she received through EWI.

After struggling for the past seven years to be accepted as a respectable designer, Naan is now sought after and has made huge changes in her business by applying what she learned through EWI training.

Within the next five years, Naan expects to expand her fashion line, STELLAALTINAAN so that it will become highly recognizable. “I intend to build my business to a place where people will know and respond to my brand.” She adds, “I can’t emphasize enough what a difference EWI has made to me and my business.”

Her previous mistakes cost her money and time so she encourages others to act sooner than later to get assistance. “It’s obvious that seven years of doing it my own way, with little to no guidance did me no good at all” Naan said. Her only regret is that she didn’t reach out sooner but now she’s ready and prepared to accept all of the wonderful opportunities that are sure to come her way.


Better Late than Never
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