Become a Mentor, Help Build Strong Entrepreneurs

Become a Mentor, Help Build Strong Entrepreneurs

As we embark upon our first one-year Entrepreneur Fellowship program in the Herndon, we are in need of mentors for our students!

Join the ranks of other stellar mentors who have accompanied the women entrepreneurs on their journey to pursue their dreams. Mentors are vital to the over all success of our entrepreneurs and we are looking for women who can help to shape and motivate our students. The talented, creative and driven entrepreneurs that we encounter are truly inspiring, making a mentorship experience mutually beneficial and greatly rewarding.

A few key points about what it takes to become a mentor:

  • Pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Demonstrated success in business and/or leadership
  • Passion for empowering women entrepreneurs
  • Cultural competency, empathy, and good mentoring abilities



Clementine Simmons, an ETS Alumni and mentor said, “It is a blessing to share what has been deposited in you with others to help them grow personally and develop to see their vision/dream become reality.  The impact it has made on me is that it has been a joy to help someone else to accomplish their goals.”

If you are interested in mentoring and witnessing the transformation of  inspiring women entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and flourish in the Herndon community, please contact Lauren Spengler, Program Manager at (703) 429-5000 or


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