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As the Marine Corps Marathon date of October 27th creeps closer, so does Charlene’s target date to reach her goal of raising $4,000 to help transform the lives and livelihoods of many immigrant and low-income women and their families through EWI’s entrepreneurship programs.

Charlene has raised about $3,000 toward her goal and with 4 days to go you can be a champion in supporting Charlene’s run to empower women!

Click here for Charlene’s fundraising page!

A message from Charlene: 

“On Monday, Columbus Day, I tried for the 3rd time to run from the Belle Haven Marina to Mt. Vernon and back.  My first attempt was on July 4th.  For this run, I wore shoes that I had not been training in thinking they would be better.  They were not.  By the time I got to Mt. Vernon, I could barely walk.  My toes hurt so badly, that on the return, I stopped several times to sit and rest.  Since I was alone, I had no choice but to finish it.  The second time was the Saturday before Labor Day.  My fiancé rode his bike to accompany me because of the ordeal I had on Independence Day.  At mile 4, my calves cramped so badly I could barely walk.  It seemed that these 14.5 miles were beyond my reach. After finishing the 20 miles on October 6, I felt I was ready to conquer Mt. Vernon and on Columbus Day, I did.  I ran the entire 14.5 miles, stopping only once to stretch and drink water.

I am so excited that the government shutdown has been lifted and the MCM is on.  I can’t wait to get out there and am determined to beat my 2002 time of 6:13!”

Want to read more about Charlene’s story? Click  here to read a previous blog post.

Thank you all for your continued support.  Please give generously to Charlene in support of Empowered Women International and enable other women to spread their wings and soar!

We want to thank Charlene so much for her determination to raise the fund in order to support all the women in EWI. She is an inspiration to all of us.

Written by: Ciara Salg, Fall Marketing & Communications Intern

Be a Champion and Give to Charlene’s Run. 4 days to go!
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