Program Outreach & Association Fellow
Anne-Lisberth-JeanAnne Lisberth is a Mentor and Activist for Women’s Economic Empowerment at EmpowerWomen/UN WOMEN, Anne Lisberth focuses on initiating and facilitating leadership training programs. She is an expert in activism and monitoring for young, vulnerable women and has developed skills in gender equality, youth education and women’s rights. She working to improve the lives of young women and fresh graduate student in Haiti through social development, action plan and project in her community for more self-reliance and community leadership involvement. During her fellowship in the United States, Anne Lisberth hopes to learn about conflict resolution and inter-cultural dialogue, while also developing her skills in project management, facilitating training in Entrepreneurship. Upon returning from the Community Solutions Program, Anne plans to implement an ETS program in Haiti in partnership with the PADF(Pan American Development Foundation) and to continue providing leadership training to women so they may become empowered contributors to their communities.

Anne Lisberth Jean
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