15201537523_02fede758a_zEWI’s Marketplace on November 16th was Magic! And you made it an unforgettable experience.

   To all our entrepreneurs, volunteers, friends, fans and guests who came to support and invest in our work – thank you for your commitment and for believing in our mission.

   Although I know that for each of us who participated, this event required an incredible effort, time and energy, you did an outstanding job.

   From presentation to your wisdom shared with all, to your engagement with our friends and guests, and to your welcoming and kind presence, you’ve embodied the spirit of Empowered Women International – a relentless community of creative change-making entrepreneurs united as one voice for keeping hope and opportunity alive and inspiring new trends and innovations.

   The event reflected the ethos of EWI and reminded me one of my favorite Tao reflections called “Water”.


Water cleanses, 

Gathers in the earth. 

Tender.  Invasive.  Subtle. 

Emerges a shining river. 

When small, it is weak. 

When great, it tumbles mountains, 

Rendering great cliffs 


Classic wisdom says that there is nothing weaker than water, yet when united, it can become a titanic force.  Like a tidal wave.  Or a river that cuts through gorges.  This is called the yielding overcoming the hard.

Water does not overcome because it yields.  It overcomes because it is relentless.  It perseveres and does not give up.  It is constant. 

Just as water must be able to express its true nature in a relentless way, so too must we simultaneously and relentlessly express our true natures if we are to be successful in life. Otherwise, we will find ourselves hemmed in by the hard walls of reality, and we will never be able to break through.

But how do we acquire such perseverance?  We start small.  As drops.”

-Water, Deng Ming-Dao 


So much of who we are as a community is in our power to act as ONE force – relentless, determined and united – as powerful waters carving new ways through mountains and gorges.

It is each of us, who in the end, forms the life-giving force of our powerful tide.

Thank you for believing in our voices and dreams, and for standing with me and EWI for more than a decade, building the relentless change-making community we are.


With love and gratitude,

Marga Fripp

Marga C. Fripp

Founder & Chief Visionary

Empowered Women International

A Community of Creative Change-makers at EWI’s Marketplace Event
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