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We are thrilled to announce this year’s participating vendors for the fifth annual Artisan Marketplace on November 12th. Join us in celebrating these empowered women entrepreneurs!

Eldean K. Penn
Damsel in Defense

2017 Spring & Summer Party Pilot Cards24 - Eldean PennDamsel in Defense offers a variety of personal protection products, in addition to an education-based product line that raises awareness on safe body boundaries.

Eldean joined Damsel in Defense as an Independent Damsel Pro in September 2014. She is passionate about women’s safety and enjoys sharing the mission to equip, empower and educate women on ways to protect themselves and their families. One by one, Damsel is changing the statistics and giving back to many amazing partner organizations that are making a difference in the lives of those who have been assaulted.


Karen Munguia (EWI alum)

Karing Cakes & Confections
FB: KaringCakesconfections
IG: KaringCakes

count jackula - Karing CakesProducts include custom cakes and baked confections. Karen Munguia has been baking for over 20 years, a tradition that was passed down by her mother who worked in the bakery business for over 25 years. While other kids were outside playing, she was in her mother’s kitchen baking black forest cake. While growing up, her mother often worked long hours in bakeries. She found the most profound comfort in welcoming her mother home with a hug. A hug that would release a wave of the sweet aroma of fresh baked bread. As she got older her love of baking grew with new recipes and techniques.

Hella Akrout (EWI alum)1938 EVOO - Hella a
Amore Trade
FB: 1938EVOO

On sale at this year’s Marketplace: Amore Trade’s signature 1938 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hella Akrout wants people to know more about olive oil and wants them to taste real, uncompromised extra virgin olive oil.

Vernadine Stroud (EWI alum)
Sew On & Sew Forth

Sew On & Sew Forth presences The Quillo. The Quillo is a pillow when unfolded becomes your own personal quilt. We make it in 4 different sizes and in a number of solid colors and prints.   

“I am a wife, mother and grandma that has been sewing since elementary school. The Quillo is one of the many items produced in our studio located in Washington DC. The Quillo is convenient because it’s easy to take on the plane, a camping trip or even to a game.The Quillo offers comfort when it gets cold on the plane or when the temperature drops on that camping trip or at the game of your favorite team. It can also be used at home in your favorite spot while napping, watching TV or surfing the net.The Quillo comes in many colors and patterns coordinating with a room in your home or your car and even the colors of your favorite team or sorority or a favorite cartoon character making it very stylish. There is a Quillo for everyone that wants convenience and comfort with style in their life.”

Mireya VargasIMG-1065 - Mireya Vargas

Artemiya features beautiful necklaces (made with stones, Colombia seeds), earrings, bracelets and more.

Mireya shares, “From my youth I began to make art with my hands and to create my own exclusive designs with stones and organic seeds of my country.”

Soheir Ghali
Dokkan Crafts LLC

We have a collection of very unique hand loomed scarves from Egypt. Hand loomed are an industry that goes back to Pharaonic times. One of the main weaving centers in Egypt is Akhmim! Hand loomed shawls provide a source of income for the poorer families. Dokkan is working with 4 houses in Nagada and Akhmin that produce scarves made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

We also have hand made loomed Killim using sheep’s wool “Kilim” is handmade carpet woven of wool and cotton, different regions of Egypt have exclusive designs and colors that make it easy to identify the origin. Kilims production has been passed along from generation to generation. The designs are done from memory with certain cultural designs according to the place and environment they are in.

Dokkan was born out of our passion and personal interest in making difference in people’s lives. Working in Egyptian linen and cotton, each piece of their work tells a story, one enriched with a combination of contemporary and historic culture. Soheir Ghali, Co-Founder, Dokkan Crafts, Fairfax, VA says “We are working with NGO’s and local entrepreneurs in Egypt who want to develop their communities. We aim to sustainably empower impoverished artisans while appreciating the beauty of authentic Egyptian craftsmanship”

Edith Graciela Sanabria (EWI alum)
Grace jewelry and art

I am an artist designer and writer. I am inspired by nature and my Hispanic and Inca heritage, I love designing painting and writing bilingual poetry. Jewelry bilingual books and paintings.


Maribel Rodriguez (EWI alum)
Marble Arch Gardens

Marble Arch Gardens provides holistic nutrition and clinical herbalism services to the community. We also offer wellness education, integrative health coaching, and natural herbal products to support a healthy lifestyle.

Maribel is a board certified holistic nutritionist, a clinical herbalist, and an integrative wellness coach.

She contributes to a healthy community by offering her nutritionist services as well as an award winning herbal line of products, including dehydrated and raw foods, lacto-fermentations, gluten free, and holistic meal preparations, tinctures, salves, infused oils, soaps, and other seasonal nutrition and herbal home and body care products.

Maribel conducts workshops on medicinal herbalism and holistic nutrition incorporating the many benefits of herbs and wholesome foods. She is a veteran of the US Army, and holds a MS degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health and a Masters Certificate in Herbal Studies from Maryland University of Integrative Health; a Masters of Health Care Management from Central Michigan University and an Integrative Health Coach Certificate from the International Institute of Nutrition.

Maribel is a lifetime apprentice of nature; her mission is to simply offer natural healthy alternatives to everyday needs; including herbal remedies as part of a holistic approach to wellness.

Cecilia V. Hlatshwayo16-11-02 South African Bazaar Craft Cooperative fb
South African Bazaar Craft Cooperative

Stunning beaded crafts and art prints from South Africa. I have a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, African Women’s Network International inc., that has the mission of expanding and marketing handmade crafts made by mostly rural women in South Africa and neighboring countries in the USA. I have been exhibiting South African crafts in the US for over 25 years part-time. In 2015, I became part of a “store share” at 7002 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD, which is the retail arm of the nonprofit. I also organize 2 shows to help in popularizing and introducing our beautiful and well executed crafts to the American public. They are the 9th Annual South African Bazaar to be held on November 11, 2017 at the Civic Building, and the South African Craft Show in New York City in the month of April.



Johari BarnesIMG_20170914_191959_117 - Johari Barnes
JohariMade, LLC
FB/IG: JohariMade

Handcrafted unique flavored jams and jellies. Sustainability. Canning fruits and vegetables helps individuals be less dependent on chain stores. Jams and jellies can be made using local fruits and fruits that are bruised. This keeps food from being wasted.


Cheryl Sloan (EWI alum)16-11-03 Cheryl Sloan FB

Cheryl’s Kitchen

Welcome to Cheryl’s Kitchen where “there’s always something cooking.” I started over twenty years ago when it seemed more fun being in my kitchen preparing holiday gifts than being in crowded stores in long lines of anxious folks waiting to make purchases. My holiday purchases consisted of one-stop-shopping for 20 pounds of flour, 20 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds of butter, and bunches of nuts and eggs. Baked cookies, cakes, and nuts were packaged and shipped off to my family and friends on the East coast and in the Midwest.

Over and over, year after year, my family, friends, and, neighbors encouraged me to think about selling my delicious nuts. And my answer was always — sure, right! Finally, all that inspiration paid off and I started Cheryl’s Kitchen. So treat yourself or someone else to some delicious and tasty maple frosted English walnuts, pecans, and cashews!

At the marketplace: Maple frosted English walnuts, pecans, and cashews with a craisin trail mix that has no frosting.

Franciska Cunningham-Epli
Atelier Akvamarine

Hand made, one of a kind jewelry. I use a variety of materials to make my pieces, like semi precious stones, sea glass, Czech glass beads, ceramic beads, and as for wire I use sterling silver, antique copper wire and findings. I also like to crochet my jewelry using 100% cotton thread.

My name is Franciska Cunningham-Epli, I am Hungarian American and I have been living in the United States for over 10 years. As a profession I am an English as a second language teacher and I have been teaching young and adult students whose first language is not English. About two years ago I started making one of a kind jewelry, using semiprecious gemstones, shells, sea glass, natural stones and sterling silver and copper wire and findings. First I was only making jewelry for myself, then I started making them for friends and later I started selling at different markets in Maryland.


Maya Hall (EWI alum)Maya Hall

Georgian Feast

Catering and pre-packaged food products.

Maya Hall is a 2015 ETS & 2016 GMB Graduate, Culinary Exhibitor.

Maya has a passion for cooking and loves to introduce people to the exquisite cuisine of her native country, the Republic of Georgia. Maya’s Georgian Feast catering prepares delicious authentic dishes made from fresh natural ingredients, including many vegan and vegetarian items. She is now selling pre-packaged appetizer products at Marymount Farmers Market, which runs from May to November in Arlington, Virginia.


Alyscia Cunningham (EWI alum)mouse-pad - Alyscia Cunningham
Alyscia Cunningham Images

As an author, filmmaker and photographer, the products I sell are copies of my coffee table book, Feminine Transitions, along with bumper stickers, tote bags and mouse pads, with similar messages connected to women and self-love.

Alyscia Cunningham is an entrepreneur, author, filmmaker and photographer who has contributed to the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and AOL. In September 2013 Alyscia self-published Feminine Transitions. She is currently working on her second book and documentary film titled, I Am More Than My Hair. It includes stories of girls and women who’ve experienced hair loss (alopecia) and redefines beauty standards. Alyscia creates these, and future projects, with the consideration of art for social-impact.

Alyscia specializes in promoting our natural beauty because she believes the media does a good job of focusing on our insecurities by bombarding us with ads proclaiming that their appearance without enhancements is inadequate or faulty. Her portraits are unaltered by Photoshop and reveal women as they are naturally, without the façade they put on for others.

Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Ashton Kutcher’s A and Proud2BMe. To learn more about Alyscia and her work, visit



One of Maritza Garcia's sculpted candles.
One of Maritza Garcia’s sculpted candles.

Maritza Garcia (EWI alum)
Miracle Hands
FB: Miracle Hands Candles


Miracle Hands inspiration came from my cultural heritage (Guatemala ) we are a local Artisan handmade in USA with a raw of American Materials. When you buy our products you are supporting an Artist, Women Entrepreneur, a Family and Moving the Local Economy. And filling your space with a wonderful fragrance and decorating with a small piece of Artwork.


Deborah L Brown
Sweetdele’s Sweet Treats LLC
FB & Insta: Sweetdele’s Sweet Treats

Sweetdele’s Sweet Treats is a small batch bakery in NE Washington DC. We specialized in delicious homemade desserts just like Grandmom. On sale at the marketplace: packaged pound cakes, cookies and cupcakes.


Allison Berland (EWI alum)
Allison Berland Jewelry

My business specializes in custom fine jewelry that can be worn as everyday luxury. I am passionate about the art and beauty of jewelry. Luxury brands are associated with quality, elegance, and an aspirational investment, but often maintain traditional notions of exclusivity. Inspired by the experience of customized jewelry in India, my vision is to transform the jewelry experience into a model aimed at a deeply inclusive experience, in which we work with customers in the design process to create custom fine jewelry that can be worn as everyday luxury. Allison Berland Jewelry’s ultimate goal is to create a new fine jewelry experience that breaks the rules of what we think about luxury, by giving customers a voice in the design process, creating a deeply inclusive customer experience, and supporting customers and women in investing in their own futures through education and lifelong learning.


Anastasia Baah (EWI alum)
AnnaTeiko Designs
FB: annateiko
IG: @annateiko

Everyday clothing made with authentic Fabrics from West Africa. Jackets, Skirts, blouses, dresses. handmade clothing made with authentic fabrics from West Africa

Anastasia Baah born on June 6th, 1976 in Ghana. Currently works as Medicaid Long Term care eligibility Specialist. Migrated to the United States in April 2012 Graduated from UMUC 2010 with Master’s degree in financial management

Also building a fashion business, a contemporary clothing line that fuses the eccentric pattern of West Africa with the contemporary flair of American culture. The line is known for its use of rich, vibrant fabrics and the highest level of hand-sewn quality.


Riina Mettas-Wilsey (EWI alum)
Riina Mettas JewelryIMG_4863 (2) - Riina Mettas

Riina Mettas Jewelry is a distinctive line of jewelry representing contemporary style with cleaner look appropriate for a business outfit or evening wear. The jewelry is handmade using semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and other high quality materials.

Originally from Estonia, Riina came to the US almost 15 years ago. She worked for the Estonian government at the Embassies in New York and Washington, DC. Along the way she discovered jewelry making and realized that it was the artistic and creative business she dreamed of establishing for herself. The mission of Riina Mettas Jewelry is to offer high quality, stylish, handmade jewelry to help transform any woman’s business or evening wear into striking and elegant statement, effortlessly.


Sharmila Karamchandani (EWI alum & lead trainer)
Khush Designs

Fine Art Prints, Jewelry, Henna Painting, Notecards.

Sharmila Karamchandani, an Indian-born artist and graphic designer has a passion for working in arts education and community non-profits. Sharmila encountered Empowered Women International in Fall of 2006 when she moved to the area after receiving her MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.

She attended the Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS), which helped her to market herself as an artist and largely credits the organization for her successful career in the US. Since then she has worked at EWI in various capacities including a volunteer, mentor, graphic designer and trainer and was honored with the Creativity and Commitment award in 2008 for her extraordinary service to EWI. She attended the Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS), which helped her to market herself as an artist and largely credits the organization for her successful career in the US. Since then she has worked at EWI in various capacities including a volunteer, mentor, graphic designer and trainer and was honored with the Creativity and Commitment award in 2008 for her extraordinary service to EWI. Currently, she is the Lead Trainer for the ETS and GMB programs.

Sharmila always wanted to be an educator. She teaches Graphic Design at George Mason University and has received several awards for teaching and leadership since 2007. She is also an artist and works in mediums such as painting, jewelry design, photography, calligraphy, henna painting, mixed media collages, and fiber arts.


Dela Mensah
Delkis Collections

I design Authentic African Clothing that tell a includes hand painted clothing with African designs, screen printed clothing and wax printed fabric for clothing and accessories. I had always been curious about the process of fabric production when I was little..and I loved nature too. So when I went to the University I decided to study textile design. I still wanted to explore more and didn’t enjoy working in the factory after my education.

I decided to create my own line and educate a few young boys and girls in my area who had dropped out of school where I lived in Ghana West Africa because of financial difficulties.

It was a great joy to see them after a year of tutoring being able to design their own fabrics and sometimes make them into clothing.

It is my dream to be able to continue this both here in the US and Ghana.

Salwa Medani (EWI alum)

Lines of Gold

Lines of Gold is known for its paintings inspired by a form of Islamic art known as tezhip or illumination. This art consists of intricate floral, vegetal and geometric designs that come together to form a beautiful art piece.

Other products include hand made lightweight paper jewelry using the same technique as the paintings. Choose from original or embellished with beads and charms.

Lines of Gold was established to allow me to share the beauty of tezhip or illumination with others. As a child, I traveled to many places with my family and my life was enriched by the diverse and colorful variety of peoples and cultures. I made connections with people from a variety of countries and realized that people share the appreciation of beauty in all its forms. After taking a course in tezhip a few years ago, I was mesmerized by this form of Islamic art which uses vegetal, floral and geometric designs painted with gold and colored acrylic and/or gouache paint. The intricate designs in the paintings are pleasing to look at, will lift one’s spirits, and will transport one to a world of peace and tranquility.

I was inspired by the beauty of this art to make paper jewelry using the same technique used for the paintings. These beautiful hand-made pieces are light-weight, each with a different design and color scheme. Some are even embellished with beads and other trinkets for a more sophisticated look!

I hope to create paintings and jewelry for those who enjoy hand-made products and are passionate about peace, justice and inclusion.

Evelyn MingoCrochet Cape LOA - Evelyn Mingo
Love Once Again and

Love Once Again believes that style and story is what makes one unique! We are passionate about continuing the journey of PreLoved and Vintage clothing, accessories and home decor.

My name is Evelyn, wife and mother of two beautiful children. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business, where my passion for people, styling and being creative could be free. I’ve always been fascinated by hearing the history behind one’s wardrobe. The story behind each item brings it and those who are wearing it to life. Continuing the narrative and journey, brings me joy. My husband Aaron and I can’t wait to not only share our beloved items to our children but to also pass onto them a business where continuing legacy is the goal.


Charrose King

Constance&Devlin is a jewelry, clothing, and housewares brand for socially-minded nerds like us (&you!). Here you’ll find hand-painted cork necklaces named after our favorite freedom fighters (i.e. Sojourner and Ida); test tube planters hung in crocheted fishnet holders; and t-shirts for the whole family to express their progressive views on body positivity, hair politics, and a love for french fries with nostalgia for 90s fashion.

Constance&Devlin is owned by sisters Charrosé and Caprice King. We make products to help make your environment a more encouraging and supportive place, whether that is with beautiful home decor with a message; bold jewelry named for powerful black women forebears; or clothing that makes a statement. Constance&Devlin is a black women owned business.

Mary Louise Marino
Indigo Lion Global Handmade
FB: @indigolionglobalhandmade
IG: @_indigolion

Indigo Lion Global Handmade is a social enterprise inspired by the beautiful conversations we have when we hold handmade craft in our hands. We create space for connection and creativity around artisans, their culture, and craft. Discover distinctive, ethically sourced handmade textile accessories and home accents from Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Indigo Lion is the culmination of decades as an artist, traveler, and expatriate fascinated by traditionally crafted objects and their stories. At every step on my journey, I’ve found a deepening passion for art, curiosity for global cultures, and dedication to women’s empowerment. They come together here in Indigo Lion.

Handmade craft offers a particular glimpse into the ritual and daily life of other cultures. Each handmade item piques my curiosity, begging the questions: how it was made? What about the artisan who made it? And as I let my imagination wander, I can almost sense the energy expressed from her hands and heart as it was created. Such rich beauty becomes the spark of inspiration.

We’re starting with curated collections from Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. We invite you to explore with us and discover the power of global handmade.

Aida Mady (EWI alum)
Cooking & Beyond, LLC

As an American/Egyptian immigrant, loves to connect both cultures via food, products. Self published planner: recipe book, places/recipe books, bookmarks and offer related products.


Melissa Carry (EWI alum)
Mystic Melakua Creations

I design and create culturally expressive, colorful bold jewelry, made to compliment your fly and keep your spirits high! Every piece of jewelry is infused with positive healing energy and love.

I started making jewelry initially as an outlet to express my individuality and uniqueness and it grew into the opportunity to encourage others to do the same. I design and create unique, culturally expressive handmade accessories using color, sound and healing touch. The adornments I make really help people express their individuality and connect with HEALING energy. I use singing and music as well as Reiki ( HEALING touch) during the creation process so that people that wear my creations can feel good when they put them on.


Mariana Alvarado (EWI alum)
Solstice Mexican Jewelry

Solstice Mexican Jewelry is a family business that designs and produces handmade jewelry using brass and semi-precious gemstones. Only high quality materials are used in the production of their pieces. Mariana Alvarado worked with her father Sergio Alvarado to create a jewelry line appealing to the DC Metropolitan Area modern woman.

Mariana Alvarado is originally from Mexico City. She is an EWI alumni and has a background in graphic design. Mariana inherited the passion for jewelry design from her father Sergio Alvarado, who has been designing jewelry for over 35 years.

Mariam Mohamed (EWI alum)Hand painted animal cards sets - maryam mohamed

Bahari Deco Crafts

We use Kanga and Kitenge cloth to design and making Fashion accessories and gifts for home and personal. We share the traditions and cultural values of East Africa, which are open for all.

For five years now, Bahari Deco Crafts have been sharing some traditions and cultural practices relating to Kanga and Kitenge cloth of the Swahili women of East Africa. It is time now to give back. Bahari Deco Crafts designed a gift bag for expecting mothers to be donated to HEAD Inc., for its non-profit annual Medical Tourism/Mission to Tanzania, to be gifts for rural women to re leave their struggle for safe delivery and have some essential packed items for their infants. The gift bag named, Zawadi shall cost approximately $28.00. For every purchase of a set of 3 bags ( a Tote, Mine tote and a clutch $85, will cover one Zawadi bag)


Monika Roberts (EWI alum)
Monika’s Good Times Events

Monika’s Good Times Events is an event planning company that focuses on milestone celebration events. Milestone celebration events can include second marriages, renewal of vows, anniversaries and birthdays, coming of age events, and retirement parties. Monika’s Good Times Events will create memories to be cherished and treasured for a lifetime.

After 30 years of working to support a family, Monika Roberts decided it was time to shift her focus in how she made herself and others happy. Monika’s Good Times Events is a milestone celebration of life company. Monika’s love is to make events special for someone else’s milestone celebration, a memorable experience. There are so many people who are celebrating their second marriage or renewal of vows, milestone anniversaries and birthdays, coming of age events and retirement. Monika can help these and other families create their own memorable milestone event. One that they will remember for years to come. Her goal in Empowered Women International Grow My Business program is to develop an operationally feasible business plan – complete with a successful marketing strategy as well as create and maintain, an expanding network and community of fellow women entrepreneurs.

Dinelles Sakyi
5th Avenue Stork
IG: @5thavenue stork

I make diaper and towel cakes. I also create teething necklaces and bracelets, pacifier holders, hair bows and bow ties. I love creating one of a kind items for babies and their wonderfull mommies. A lot of love goes into each uniquely hand crafted product therefore I only use high quality products. My products are made in a pet free/ smoke free environment to avoid any allergy reaction. The products that my client receive are unique one of a kind and I create it as if it was my own gift


Mr. Fermore

We are company distribution food for restaurant and grocery’s.

One of our star products is imported fruit pulp from Colombia (South America) we have variety of tropical flavor, such as mango, Passion fruit, Mora, strawberry, pina, melon, watermelon. These are 90% organic products with added sugar. And juices fit based on vegetables and fruits. With this product we contribute to the well-being and the health of the people.


Jennifer Sigler
Cotton Canary
FB: cotton canary
IG: :cotton.canary

Cotton Canary is a Made in the USA brand featuring limited edition, built-to-order collections that celebrate femininity, while creating a polished look. Think: dressed up, not buttoned up; pretty, not prissy; day-to-date wear, with a price point you can afford.

The outfit is a woman’s armor to tackle whatever the day throws her way, and today’s woman is uncompromising. Yet, there is a growing void emerging in women’s fashion. Fun, fabulous, and flattering clothing seems to be crowded out by the explosion of “athleisure” saturating the retail space. At the same time, department stores are chasing the next trendy thing as they grasp for millennial attention. And middle-of-the-road work-wear retailers are churning out been there, done that suits and khakis.

The entrepreneur, corporate climber, and go-getter all need to get dressed at 6 am, impress at 6 pm and be polished for the boardroom, the bar and everywhere in between. It was time for fashion to respond to the needs of today’s modern woman. So Cotton Canary was born, with and for women, to encourage and support women.

Ujji Brawley (EWI alum)
Bon Vegan
FB: Bon Vegan
IG: @BonVegan

Bon Vegan transforms lives through healthy clean eating. We offer plant based personal chef services including at home cooking, meal prep and cooking lessons in your home, office, wherever: we are there! Specializing in delightful comfort food and inspired by seasonal flavors we bring a new light to vegan food by exploring the creative palates of the world. Customers enjoy learning in the comfort of their home especially those with busy schedules or those exploring new palates in healthier ways. Please contact Chef Ujji for more information at or visit us online

Bon Appetite!

Growing up vegetarian was difficult for Chef Ujji. At an early age she found herself exposed to many unhealthy eating habits, which was taking a toll on her body. She immersed herself in the kitchen at the age of 15 and developed the tools to learn how to cook vibrantly without sacrificing taste. Having the opportunity to travel to various countries including India, she studied the delicacy of spices and flavors where she became inspired to focus on a plant based diet without additives. Soon she created Bon Vegan to inspire longevity through clean eating for the mind, body, and soul. Bon Vegan started off catering but soon learned the need as a resource in the community to those who not only want to delight in vegan food but learn and gain the confidence in preparing meals themselves.

Asmae Otmani

A food education program serving youth of the Greater Washington community. Asmae is the founder and head instructor at LA BOULANGERIE. She lived in France for more than a decade where she studied Fine Arts and International Relations. Asmae quit working for think tanks in DC to share her knowledge and passion for food and healthy living with youth. She teaches international cooking, French baking techniques, and conscientious eating through select ingredients, recipes from scratch, communal dining, and farm-to-table approaches. Asmae creates curriculum and teaches at farm camps, schools, public and private institutions, and at LA BOULANGERIE.


Karlisima Rodas-Israel (EWI alum)DSC_0089_Lamento_Indigena_Going_Wash - Karlisima Rodas
Karlisima, Ltd. Portrait, Paintings and Murals (website is under construction)
IG: @Karlisima07

My paintings beautify people’s homes and my portraits express the physical qualities or the sitter as well as the inner character and the soul of the people that I paint. These paintings are about life, beauty and light. My aim is to bring a message of hope and faith with my art and to bring color and joy to the home in which my paintings hang.

Amber Allen

Designs By Amber
FB: Designs By Amber

All handmade items including a new aged standing or wall mountable Earrings/Jewelry, organizers, as well as a beaded jewelry of all kinds, beautiful, creative, custom Seasonal/Holiday wreaths, and decor.

Hello! My name is Amber, just turned 34. I enjoy making, offering, and providing my craft to those who can appreciate it. I have been through a lot in life as many of us have. I find it not only therapeutic but beneficial to supplement my income. I found myself starting over again, working every day to rebuild my life over the last 3 years. I just became able to invest in my craft again and I’m looking to share with others. I just need the proper venue and opportunity to get started again. I am very dedicated, optimistic and looking forward to new opportunities, Thank you!


Sinali Anzata (EWI alum)
Taste of Saleesha
FB & IG: Taste of saleeesha

Fried do, chicken kabob, beef kabob, rice, vegetables.


Evelyn Molina
Evelyn Molina Design Studio

Our Business is a Design Studio that custom Designs Cards and Stationery.  Awarded an Industrial Designer specialized in strategic marketing & packaging design, with more than 16 years of experience as an art director of new packaging and custom made cards. Graduated from design school at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota Colombia.


Francie Wasser
Francie Pants

FranciePants is a line of beautiful, embellished 100% cotton women’s underwear that is handcrafted by local Sewing Artists and offered in an extensive range of sizes that fit the entire market. Sewing Artists are taught in an apprentice-like model that not only teaches time-honored skills, but allows them to earn a generous wage for their work, on a flexible schedule, working as much or as little as they choose. This business model empowers women (and non-women) to take control of their careers and incomes in a method that enables them to balance other priorities.

FranciePants offers four styles of undies: Hipster (full coverage, medium rise, with a wide waistband); Bikini (full coverage, ulta low rise, good fit during pregnancy too); Cheeky (less coverage, ultra low, V shaped waistband, good fit during pregnancy too); Thong (two tone fabric embellishment, less coverage, medium rise). All styles are made of premium printed 100% cotton with stretch lace trim.


Colors & Gloss

We are a family own company, my mother is the artist and we as family want to encourage her to keep pursuing the business initiative. Colors & Gloss creates beautiful hand-painted wood products. 


Nicole Leiva
Dulceology or

We specialize in artisan confections, South American treats and chocolate for personal and business gifts. When we moved to Maryland, my mother started making our birthday cakes and desserts. She wasn’t a baker but as she learned, she became passionate about creating delicious pastries for us. Then she was baking desserts for us every week and went on to work at a bakery. That same passion for baking was then passed on to me when I learned to bake at 19. I fell in love with baking almost instantly right out of high school. Then I started college but continued to bake in the evenings for fun. Soon after I decided to open my first Etsy shop online back in 2012 and began specializing in South American artisan Alfajores. It had always been a part-time job until late 2016 when I quit my full-time job to pursue my baking dream. Now we have become the top & best-selling Alfajores in Etsy online and have continued to grow locally by providing made-to-order custom desserts, cakes and edible gifts to our local and nationwide clients.

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